How to Light Fire in Sons of The Forest

Light Fire Sons of The Forest – After plenty of delays, Sons of The Forest is finally here, and it has already secured a spot among the biggest releases of 2023. People are playing the game like crazy, and you are a fan of survival games, then you should do it too. I personally am a huge fan of survival games, and I have already sunken 7 hours in the game.

What are the first things that you think of, when you first land inside a survival game? Build a shelter, get food, and get fire, right? Well, in this article, I will show you how to light or create fire in Sons of The Forest. Keep reading.

How to Light Fire in Sons of The Forest

There are two types of fire in Sons of The Forest. Basic Fire and Reinforced Fire. Here are the steps to create a basic fire in Sons of The Forest:

  1. The Survival Instruction Manual already shows you the things you need to create fire. You can bring that up by pressing B, and then clicking on the fire icon.
  2. To light a fire, you need 2 Sticks and a lighter. Since you already got a lighter, you need to get the sticks.
  3. Look for thin trees like this throughout the map:
    Thin trees that give Sticks in Sons of The Forest
  4. Once you spot one, go near it.
  5. Press I to open your Inventory.
  6. Equip your Axe
    Open Inventory to Equip Axe
  7. Now, swing your Axe at the tree, and it will give you 1x stick.
  8. Look for a second tree to get the second stick.
  9. Now, look for a spot that is free from grass or bushes.
  10. Open your Inventory, and hover your mouse to the right side of your screen.
  11. You will get the option to equip a stick.
    How to Equip a Stick in Sons of The Forest
  12. Equip it by pressing Left-stick.
  13. Once you have the stick in your hand, look at the ground, and press Left-click.
    How to break a Stick in Sons of The Forest
  14. By doing this, you will break the stick into two parts and place them on the ground.
  15. Press Left-click the second time to do the same with the second stick.
  16. Once you are done, your character will automatically bring up the Lighter.
  17. Finally, press E to light the Fire.
    How to light a Fire in Sons of The Forest

That is all you have to do to light or create fire or a campfire in Sons of the Forest.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

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