How to level up followers in Cult of the Lamb

Level up Followers Cult of the Lamb – Arguably the most unique game of 2022, in the Cult of the Lamb, you’ve got to establish your own cult in a nation full of fake prophets by traveling to exotic and enigmatic locales to assemble a devoted group of forest Followers and disseminate your Word in order to emerge as the sole genuine cult. I’m a huge fan of the concept, I’ve got to say.

Hypothetically, let’s assume that you’ve created a decent amount of following in the cult of the lamb, what’s next? You need to level them up, that’s what’s next. If you’re wondering why you need to level them up? 

Here’s why: When you speak to a Follower who has been leveled up, you will experience a powerful surge of devotion; in turn, they will be more adept at awarding you points when you deliver your daily sermons.

Now, we at Frondtech will suggest you some ways using which you can level up your followers in Cult of the lamb, here they are:

Cult of the Lamb Leveling up Followers

How to Level up Follower in Cult of the Lamb

1. You could start by blessing your followers, here’s how:

All you need to do is go up to them and interact with them, you’ll then see an option to “give blessing” to them. All you’ve got to do is click on it, and it’s done.

At first, you can just bless them for a small gain in loyalty, but with the appropriate doctrine, you will soon be able to either inspire or intimidate them. When keeping an eye on your camp in between Crusades, you can only perform this action once each day, but it’s worth doing the rounds.

2. Moving on, you could complete certain quests, more about them below:

While you’re at camp, followers will occasionally come up to you with requests. Finding particular objects, greeting new guests, or even playing practical jokes on other followers are a few examples of these.

It’s usually best to finish quests as soon as they are assigned to you, regardless of how bizarre they may seem. Your ability to meet the requirements of your followers will greatly increase their loyalty.

3. You could conduct Sermons!

The bigger your followers’ involvement will be during a sermon, the more of them you will have. This implies that the bar will fill up more fast as well. Your followers will give you a lot if you try to sacrifice them. In other words, you’ll advance to new combat levels faster if you have more followers.

4. You could also gift them, who doesn’t like a gift anyway:

Consider the benefits of each gift before delivering it to your followers. For instance, certain gifts might provide minor benefits to aid in activities like farming, mining, or devotion. Giving these things to followers who will use them is frequently the wisest course of action. Thus, they can contribute to the smoother operation of your cult.

5. You could perform rituals!

We’ve earlier composed a guide on which rituals are the best in the game, so be sure to check it out before you move forward with this.

Rituals of the faith bring additional benefits to your followers. After completing dungeons, bones can be obtained by collecting them from foes. Select the ritual that will work best for your circumstance because this ability has a cooldown. Oh, and one more thing, you could also use gold to perform a certain kind of ritual, one that most people prefer, to be honest.

6. You could cook meals! Unorthodox but works, haha.

You can start to prepare some amazing meals for your followers as you gain access to better resources and develop your cooking skills. The Magnificent Mixed Meal and Splendid Vegetable Feast in particular are likely to boost your follower loyalty and address any hunger problems.

7. And finally, using the commandment stone in the game, here’s more on it:

It isn’t much you can do with these stones, however, As your followers advance in level, you’ll receive a Commandment Stone as compensation which can later be used to open up additional Doctrines in your Shrine.

And that pretty much wraps up everything we had regarding how you could level up your followers in the game cult of the lamb, for more such articles check in often, we promise to provide smooth gameplay for you guys! 🙂

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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