How to level up fast in Redfall

Level up Fast in Redfall – Redfall is a First Person Action Shooter Game developed by Arkane Austin and published by Bethesda Studios. This game is free for Free on Xbox Gamepass PC but not Steam. The game is available exclusively for Xbox Consoles and PC. The Unreal Engine 4 graphics are paired with a predictive first-person shooter experience.

Redfall has a very fast progression rate, and the drop rate for legendary guns is also quite good, so getting a complete lineup won’t take time. But the problem lies is they are level locked, and you need to level up your character to enjoy and use those guns, but levelling up can be slow for newer players. Even though the first few levels of the games can take a little time, it won’t be long enough if you know the trick of levelling up quickly. You will max out your character, and this is ideally what you should do while playing Redfall.

So this article will guide you on quickly levelling your character in Redfall.

How to level up fast in Redfall

Redfall is a straightforward game with few distractions; thus, levelling up in this game is easier and quicker than the other games. But since this is a partly open-world game, you might roam around here and there fighting unnecessarily, as this game does reward you with significantly less XP despite how many vampires you have killed, and that is not enough for levelling. So these are the two most straightforward ways to level up quickly in Redfall.

How to level up fast in Redfall

Complete all the Main Missions

As mentioned earlier, enemies like Vampires and Cultists generate significantly less XP, even on the toughest difficulty setting. A common idea to level up is to kill as much as vampires as possible, but this is not the case with Redfall and if you want to level up faster, ignore everything and focus on the main missions.

Do not wander here and there and attempt the main missions, and don’t engage with any enemies. Completing the story quests rewards you with a lot of experience points, and since the game is not that long, completing missions and getting the XP rewards is worth it.

Complete all the Side Missions

After completing all the main missions, it’s time to do the side missions; you will be a little behind on hitting the max level after completing the main quests, and to fully level up, start attempting all the side quests. These missions are shorter and give a similar vibe to the main missions, and it doesn’t take too much narration or multiple steps to achieve your objective.

If you are a Veteran Redfall player, completing side quests will be a piece of cake. And even for newer players, if you have some experience playing first-person shooter games, you can easily beat this game. You can roam around the beautiful city if you want, but it is not the ideal way of levelling up quickly in Redfall.

So this was all about how to level up quickly in Redfall.

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Last Updated on May 5, 2023

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