How to increase Workshop Ranking in My Time At Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is the second project of Pathea Games, which is considerable. The first one is My Time at Portia. Both the games look and feel quite the same. Of course, My Time at Sandrock is visually more upgraded. The graphics are on par with the games released in 2022. I would say that it looks better than many of the games released this year. I was a big fan of Fortnite Save The World, which reminds me of that.

With the monthly or yearly bonuses you receive from the Workshop Ranking; you can earn a big chunk of in-game money and specific craftable items. The things you receive can be used to craft better high-level items. Here are some of the ranking components in the game’s workshop.

  1. Yearly Rank
  2. Monthly Rank
  3. Workshop Tier Rank (1,2,3,4)

The Workshop ranking helps you unlock new and unique recipes. You can craft Chromium Steel Bars on the Workshop Tier 3 ranking. Try ranking your Workshop in such a way that you should bat the least on tier 3, and the only way to do that is by crafting and doing commissions. So this article will guide you on how to increase workshop ranking during My time at Sandrock.

How to increase Workshop Ranking in My Time At Sandrock

How to increase Workshop Ranking in My Time At Sandrock

Here are some of the recommended ways that you can increase your Workshop Ranking quickly.

  1. Try doing those missions which have the highest amount of Workshop Points
  2. Always do commissions regularly
  3. Try putting up an ad in the newspaper (i.e. on the board right beside the town hall), which would cost you around 100 Gols per week. But this activity will not only grant you experience points and money but also points extra bonuses for all the commission missions that you do during that period.
  4. On the weekends, try doing the Inspections so that you can easily earn around 80 points per week.

It is to note that reaching the top position is tough, but it is well worth the hassle. You will be able to acquire quite a good number of Gols along with rare items like Diamonds. These Diamonds can be used for higher-level crafting, increasing your progression throughout the game. You can also gift the diamond to one of the Romance characters in My Time at Sandrock.

So this was all about how to increase Workshop Ranking during My time at Sandrock.

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Last Updated on June 10, 2022

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