How to Increase Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends

Mob limit minecraft legends – If you’re looking to increase your mob limit in the latest Minecraft Legends, then you’ve come looking at the right place. A lot of players have been wondering how they can do so, given the game is fairly new. In the game, you have to gather varied types of mobs to create your own mob army.

The sad fact is that although you can expand your mob army, there is a limit on the mob cap. Basically, this limits the max number of mob spawns you can get. However, do not worry because there is indeed a way that you can increase this limit and expand your mob further. This would require you to complete a few prerequisites, so a bit of help might be required by you. Hence, check out the following guide to learn all about increasing mob limits in Minecraft Legends.

Increasing Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends

The answer is, to increase your mob limit, you need to craft at the Well of Fate, the Improvement: Flames of Creation. To increase the number of mobs that you can spawn in a time, you can get it. Additionally, you can also get Improvement: Large Flames of Creation or Flames of Creation+ to help with increasing your mob limit in the game. However, make note of the fact that the latter (Large Flames of Creation improvement) can take up more space than the former.

Craft Flames of Creation Improvement to increase Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends

You can get, by spending more resources, the Plus-sized Large Improvement, if you want more mobs to spawn. However, the question remains, how can you create the Improvement Flames of Creation? Let’s find out!

Building Improvement: Flames of Creation

By spending resources, you can obtain this Improvement. Each standard improvement would increase your mob limit by 4. The Large improvement would, however, would increase your Mob limit by 10. However, considering the amount of resources it requires, I don’t think it is worth it. Anyway, the following resources are required to craft the improvements: 

Improvement: Flames of Creation:

  • 200 x Stone
  • 200 x Prismarine
  • 25 x Gold

Improvement: Large Flames of Creation

  • 400 x Prismarine
  • 100 x Gold
  • 400 x Stone

In addition to the above, you can also get the Banner Improvement. Controlling your spawned mob is as important as increasing the mob limit. This Improvement would enable you to have control on all your mobs. A single Banner Improvement would allow you to control 15 more mobs. At the Well of Fate, in exchange for some resources, you can craft this.

Craft Banner Improvement to control more Mobs in Minecraft Legends

Improvement: Banner

  • 100 x Prismarine
  • 25 x Gold
  • 100 x Stone

That pretty much sums up all there is to know about how to increase Mob Limit in Minecraft Legends.

If you think that this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Minecraft Legends guides, keep an eye on Frondtech.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on April 20, 2023

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