How to Increase HP in Forspoken

Given the number of stats that are there in the game, you have a lot to worry about. However, the stat that you need to be most worried about is your health. Your health determines your hold in the game, whether you will be able to survive the game’s next blow at you, or if you’re just going to have to start again from your last save. Increasing your max health does not happen on its own, but instead, you would have to find stat increases in the world and work for this. The following guide will help you with it. Keep reading!

How to Increase HP in Forspoken

How to Increase HP in Forspoken

Throughout your whole journey touring Athia and across the map, a lot of locations would pop up that would seem interesting and that you can visit. A few such areas would give you experience while others would offer you just what you want, that is, stat increases. It’s a common misconception that your health would increase if you level up, but that does not happen. But instead, you would have to track the specific detours that would offer you health increases. These are called Monuments. 

Monuments are those special detours that would help you get stat increases. A lot of other detours are there too, but they help you mainly with benefitting your magic. To increase your HP, you would have to track the Monuments of Justice.

Monument of Justice in Forspoken

These are difficult to reach as they are usually in those areas that are high up on the map. When you reach one of them, you need to destroy the rocks that you will find around it and then interact with it to increase your health by a total of 5 points. 

Is there any other way to increase HP?

This is just one method of increasing your HP. There is, however, an alternate option, too, that is, changing your gear. The cloak and the necklace that you are going to wear gives benefits to your stats and one of them being your max health. Every gear has its own benefits, so choose accordingly.  

That is all that there is to know about how to increase HP in Forspoken. Forspoken is finally out on PlayStation 5 and PC, so hop on into the game.

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023

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