How to increase happiness in Two Point Campus

Happiness plays an important role in the game Two Point Campus, managing happiness is in itself another task in the game, it has its own mechanics and specifics.

Your team will work poorly if they are unhappy. If you have unhappy students, they will begin to leave. Both factors have a direct bearing on your university’s reputation, which in turn affects your capacity for making quick money.

Via this article, we at frondtech will guide you and get you familiar with efficient ways to increase happiness in Two Point Campus.

Happiness in Two Point Campus can be divided into two main streams, in staff and students, also, there are different measures you need to take to increase either of them.

How to increase happiness in Two Point Campus

Happiness in Two Point Campus can be divided into two main streams, in staff and students, also, there are different measures you need to take to increase either of them.

Increase Happiness in Two Point Campus

How to increase Student Happiness in Two Point campus:

Fulfill their personal goals:

Students will email you with their own objectives. You must regularly check your mailbox and finish the tasks as soon as you can. The simplest method to keep pupils happy is by helping them achieve their individual goals.

Host Events and Extra-curricular activities:

A student’s life consists of more than just studying. So, in order to keep the students happy, appropriate extracurricular events should also be held a few times throughout the academic year. This will allow the students to occasionally forget the pressure of studying and have fun, thereby increasing their happiness levels.

Provide Private Tuition:

Sometimes, students worry that they won’t succeed or perform well. In such a situation, you can construct private study spaces and send them there for a few more hours of classroom education, which will raise their levels of happiness.

Provide clean rooms to rest:

Students need to unwind just like employees do. Not to mention that stressed-out pupils will be unable to study, which will result in poor grades. Build enough dorms so that your students have places to live. The cleanliness of their living or relaxation areas must also be guaranteed. For your campus, maintaining hygiene is crucial. A pandemic is the last thing you want. Give your kids access to the beds, closets, desks, bathrooms, and showers so they can rest and study. Place multiple trash cans and hand sanitizers across your campus and in your rooms. This’ll help manage their happiness/satisfaction levels.

Build Communal areas:

If you are dealing with unhappy students, student lounges and student unions are two crucial choices you should take into account. These spaces are used by students to socialize and have fun. As a result, make sure there are plenty of chairs, tables, video games, and arcade equipment available for them to utilize. They will also require access to vending machines, water coolers, and other amenities.

Just keep in mind to use air conditioners and radiators to control the temperature. When the summers are unbearably hot, students will find it difficult to rest.

Provide your students access to medical and pastoral rooms:

Keeping up with the theme of maintaining cleanliness, providing medical offices and places for pastoral support is also crucial.

One thing to keep in mind is that these spaces may not always make the students happier. They will, however, take precautions to prevent a sharp decline in the levels. For instance, if a hurt student cannot find a medical office to visit, their happiness levels will be lowered.

Now that we’re done with how you can keep your students happier, let’s move on to the staff, here’s how you can increase your staff’s happiness levels.

How to increase Staff Happiness in Two Point campus

Increase their pay:

There are times when employees request compensation increases. While you could think of forgoing salary increases to manage your revenue, doing so will significantly increase their happiness levels in the game.

Clean/Decorate your staff rooms:

If the staff rooms are dirty, your staff won’t be pleased. In order to maintain the same staff breakpoint, you must guarantee that your personnel has access to sanitary and relaxing spaces.

Here, hygiene comes first. Make sure the staff rooms have appropriate seating, access to restrooms, and food and drink options. Bring in a vending machine!

Keep in mind that your staff may potentially make requests for different things. Their degrees of happiness will also increase if these demands are granted. Additionally, you can add furnishings like plants and posters to create a prestige space that makes your team feel much better.

Give them a break, maybe?:

It’s crucial that your employees take enough breaks while they are at work. The staff’s level of happiness will drop, and they won’t do their jobs as well if they are overworked. Keep in mind that happy teachers will give better classes, which will result in better student grades. That will enhance the standing of your university.

You can send a weary or dissatisfied employee to the staff room personally, so they can rest and keep their level of happiness up.

Air-Condition your staff rooms:

To ensure that they give their best effort in the classroom, teachers must feel comfortable. You must set up air conditioners and radiators on your campus for that reason. During the winter and summer, they will keep your rooms warm and cool, respectively.

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Last Updated on August 12, 2022

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