How to increase Follower Loyalty in Cult of the Lamb

The plot of Cult of the Lamb is straightforward: you play a lamb sacrificed to four gods. But after you pass away, you find a fifth god, one of the others hidden away.

He gives you a second chance at life; and all you have to do in return is start a cult in his honor to get it.

Massive Monster’s Cult Of The Lamb has swiftly established them as the undisputed kings of presentation and elegance. I was awestruck by how much panache was on exhibit at all times from the very beginning of the game.

In Cult of the Lamb, you can finally create your own cult if you’ve ever wanted to. You will require an increasing number of followers, not to mention, loyal followers too, to maintain the cult, therefore you must monitor their allegiance. If you want your followers to continue supporting you, you must keep them happy.

So basically here’s how you increase their loyalty towards you:

How to increase Loyalty in Cult of the Lamb

Interacting with your followers is a quick approach in order to enhance their loyalty. To help them realize that you do care for them, you might bless them each day.

How to increase Follower Loyalty in Cult of the Lamb

After interacting with a follower, you can do this by clicking on the hand signal, which will bless them. If you have a large number of followers, this strategy will require a lot of your time, therefore it’s important to be aware of this.

In order to keep your supporters faithful to you, you may also give them presents like necklaces. Crusades are where you find necklaces. The wearer of the necklace will reap the rewards because these have some boosts attached to them.

Keep in mind that presents cannot be returned, and the follower will own the necklace until the end of time.

This isn’t the end though, there’s probably one more thing you should look at, which is that Preaching sermons can yet be the best technique to promote follower loyalty

At the altar of the temple, you may perform this once per day. As you approach the altar at the church, choose the Sermon option, and your followers will pay attention to what you have to say.

Following this, their loyalty towards you shall increase, this can be considered one of the easiest ways, all because you can basically increase your loyalty in a mass way, not needing to approach them one-by-one and obtain it.

That’s all you needed to know about how you can increase your follower’s loyalty in the game Cult of the lamb, stay tuned for more such guides!

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Last Updated on August 15, 2022

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