How to increase fanbase in NBA 2K23

Get ready to increase your fanbase while exploring the new season of NBA 2K23. It is required to level up your attributes, and it also helps you get plenty of endorsements. So, knowing the strategies for increasing your fanbase helps you in plenty of ways.

NBA 2K23, the new installment of the NBA Series, is an open-world Basketball simulation game from 2K. This basketball video game offers you to be the best shooter guard in your squad to beat your opponent or mess with the flow while playing single-player mode in this Michael Jordan-themed season.

In this simulation, don’t forget to show your rewards on the NBA Talent board while discovering The Rec, Club 2k from the previous season in this new season. Meanwhile, try to complete your daily challenges to get your rewards.

If you know how to increase your fanbase, it will be a game changer that leads to signing various endorsements and will help you earn VC, improving your attributes in MyCareer mode. If you don’t know how to increase your fanbase, then follow this article to do it.

How to increase fanbase in NBA 2K23

How to increase fanbase in NBA 2K23

To increase the fanbase, you should do your best in every match you play in the simulation game to get a high score.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to participate in many matches with entertaining moves to get high scores, leading you to get plenty of fans online.

Make sure not to make motionless moves in your game; instead, do a few dunks, alley-oops, and blocks to draw the attention of your fanbase.

If you lack a fanbase after using your impressive moves, change your scoring technique, such as spins and crossovers, to improve your overall scores to get more fanbase in your gameplay.

Suppose you are making the same moves for the past hour in your gameplay; it will get your fans bored. So try to mix up your moves to gain their attention to increase the fanbase.

Once you have done all the special moves and scoring techniques, it’s time to check your new fans with the help of camera pans. If you notice plenty of fans on your stands, keep trying those techniques to increase your fanbase.

Remember to use various moves and mixup techniques to entertain your fanbase. You can also switch the gears if you see empty seats in your matches.

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Last Updated on September 15, 2022

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