How to Increase Car Speed in NFS Unbound

With NFS Unbound out, fans have jumped into the game to catch a sight of the high-octane action that it has to offer.

It features a huge variety of cars that you can customize, upgrade and use, to race.

It is known that upgrading your car’s performance is a vital thing for your success in the races. That is, it can boost your car’s performance and be more competitive.

Speed is one of the many things that you get when you upgrade. Hence, the following guide goes over how you can increase your car speed in NFS unbound. 

How to Upgrade your Car in NFS Unbound

How to upgrade Car in NFS Unbound

Being an integral part of the game, upgrades help make your car faster in races and even more competitive. It is essential to success here. With this being said, your car’s performance can be boosted in several ways.

At the beginning of the game, you get the option to choose between three cars. Remember, you need to complete a portion of the storyline to be able to upgrade your car’s performance. Until then, you can customize the spoilers, window tint, paint jobs, tires, etc., basically the external features. 

You can upgrade your car’s performance once you have purchased a new car. After you’ve done this, there are a lot of ways by which you can boost the performance of your car in NFS Unbound. 

From the game’s store, you have the option to either buy or find the upgrades. This store would have an extensive range of upgrades and parts that you can use to enhance the performance of your car.

A few things you can upgrade are new tyres, exhaust systems, engines, etc. You can also find the performance parts at cheap rates, like the intercoolers or the nitrous oxide tanks, all of which will help you fasten your car’s speed in NFS Unbound. 

You can also head over to the garage, where you can find a mechanic who will help you by advising you on how to boost your car performance. This mechanic might be able to even make a few minor changes to your car and make it better performance-wise. 

Keeping your ride in top shape and being on the lookout for updates on performance can sure work in your favor.

That is all that we had on how to increase car speed in NFS Unbound.

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Last Updated on December 6, 2022

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