How to increase Attractiveness in Two Point Campus

Attractiveness Two Point Campus – Sega’s anticipated business simulation game, Two Point Campus, finally arrived in the gaming world. Get ready to build your dream campus with Two Point Studios using brand-new creative tools.

Before that, explore Two Point Country and obtain your very first land to build the Campus like Hogwarts, or use your creativity to do it. You can also recruit the best staff, from eccentric professors to madcap researchers. Develop your campus classroom, lecture halls, and libraries in this indie game. Don’t forget to add fabulous decorations all over the campus to increase your campus attractiveness in this game.

In the Two Point Campus, increasing your campus attractiveness plays a significant role in leveling up your campus. So, it would be best if you increased attractiveness while adding specific decorations to rooms and furniture on your campus. 

Finally, you will get a grade for every room to its Room Prestige on the campus. Note that Room Prestige will affect the people’s mood inside the room, so be careful while choosing your things to improve the campus attractiveness. But the question is How to increase attractiveness in Two Point Campus, right? Don’t worry; follow this article to learn about it.

Increase Attractiveness in Two Point Campus

How to increase attractiveness in Two Point Campus

To increase attractiveness in Two Point Campus, you should check these two steps before adding your lovely things on campus.

  1. Firstly, ensure to check problematic areas by clicking the eye at the bottom of the screen to open the all stats menu. Now, click the pink flower icon that shows bright green, indicating the attractive area. If it’s a clear area, you should start to increase attractiveness here.
  2. Secondly, you should check whether the item’s description says about improving attractiveness before adding the items to your campus.

Once you have verified these steps, it’s time to increase the attractiveness of your campus. But, you don’t have to decorate every corner of your campus; instead, follow the below sections to improve attractiveness.

Indoor decorations:

You can quickly increase the attractiveness by adding furniture, posters, plants, and paintings to the rooms such as classrooms, library, lecture hall, training rooms, and more. Remember that make it simple and aesthetic to avoid Room Prestige issues.

Outdoor decorations:

To increase the attractiveness of your campus, use fountains to decorate your outside campus. Don’t forget to add some trees to improve overall score points.

Club activities:

In this simulation game, you can add Nature Club Stand in an enormous area to increase your campus attractiveness. You can also give access to the student to join the club, and the club members will contact events to tidy your campus.

Make it Clean:

Finally, recruit more janitors to clean your campus when it’s messy and tell them to place bins around the campus and ensure they clean the dirt of flowers and plants. Avoid those people who make the campus litter. Be aware that uncleanness will affect your attractiveness on campus and will impact your staff and students’ happiness.

These are the methods to increase the attractiveness of Two Point Campus. Ensure that you are decorating your Campus with a simple thing with an attractiveness tag that leads the way to level up your Campus.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Two Point Campus guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on August 11, 2022

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