How to heal yourself in Shadow Warrior 3

One of the most awaited games, Shadow Warrior 3 has already been released, and we are having a lot of fun slaying down the monsters with the Katana sword.

The all-new Shadow Warrior 3 impressed us with a crazier and fast-paced version of the famous Doom Eternal like first-person action. Although the game received some amount of negative criticism from the Game reviewers, we are still having a lot of fun as it introduces the Grappling hook, Wall Running and the executions, for the first time in the Shadow Warrior series.

Along with it, the developers added a lot of new features in the game and one of them is the unique way of healing yourself during a fight. So in this article, we will guide you on how to heal yourself in Shadow Warrior 3 game.

Almost 90% of the time, you will be engaged in fights against the enemies. The game will throw everything at you together, and you must annihilate all the enemies to progress. But since you will be engaged in a fight almost all the time, you have to make sure that you have enough health to keep you going. The Yokai enemies are the hardest to defeat and deal a great amount of slash damage, which affects directly Lo Wang’s health. The game has certain similarities to Doom Eternal regarding how healing works. You can heal yourself from the surrounding interactable environment and NPCs.

So this article will guide you on how to heal yourself in Shadow Warrior 3.

how to heal yourself in shadow warrior 3

How to heal yourself in Shadow Warrior 3

Here are the following ways to regain health in Shadow Warrior 3:

Ranged Attacks When you perform Ranged attacks and takedown enemies from far off distance, they will drop a small amount of healing items which you can consume to regain health.
Red Health Orbs The Red Health Orbs are scattered throughout the world, and these are the quickest way to heal and regain health.
Finishers Once you have certain amount of Skill points, you can perform finishers and executions’ which will grant Lo Wang some health.
Health Upgrades There are certain health upgrades that you can do. Some health upgrade offers larger health pool while some offers passive healing steadily.

So this how to heal and regain health in Shadow Warrior 3.

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Last Updated on March 3, 2022

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