How to Go Up in the In Hot Pursuit mission in Atomic heart

Go up In Hot Pursuit Mission – Atomic Heart is a Sci-Fi FPS game with beautiful graphics and a decent gameplay experience. Although we didn’t like the fact that you cannot skip the ultra-long cutscenes but the gameplay itself is enjoyable, and unlike other FPS games, the Atomic heart comes with a lot of puzzles to give you an RPG like experience.

One of such puzzles that you will come across in the Hot Pursuit mission where you will have to reach the ceiling of a specific room that is filled with polymer and is the only way to get to the other room but the instructions on how to do it is not at all clear.

So this article will guide you on how to go up and reach the Polymer in the “In hot pursuit” mission in Atomic Heart.

How to Go Up in the In Hot Pursuit mission in Atomic heart

The Atomic Heart game is not as straightforward as the first-person shooters we play. It doesn’t give hints or tell you how something should be done. It would be best if you rattled your brains to devise an idea to solve a puzzle or reach another destination. One mission where you might be scratching your head is the “In Hot Pursuit” mission in Atomic heart.

In this mission, a specific part of it comes where you need to go up, but it doesn’t correctly indicate how you do it. The waypoint shows a crack on top of the ceiling, which is very easy to miss out on and get confused about. The roof is filled with Polymer, and your aim here will be first to reach the Polymer on the ceiling and then swim through it to get to the other room. Your target is to find out a way to reach the Polymer.

To reach the Polymer, first you will enter a room during the Hot Pursuit mission, and you will find a Cargo Loader has gone completely wild and making rounds inside the room.

Cargo loader

You will easily be able to recognize it because of the Green colored crate on it. All you need to is use your Shock ability to slow down and stun the Cargo Loader, and then jump onto the crate so that you can reach the Polymer right above you.

Use Shok on the Machine

Swim through the Polymer, and you will reach the other room within a few seconds. But remember that you will continuously lose health inside the Polymer.

Swim through the polymer

So this was all about how to Go up in the Hot Pursuit mission in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter game filled with RPG elements. It has been published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity set in Soviet Union’s Facility 3826. You will be able to encounter a different types of mechanical, biological, biomechanical and airborne enemies that you need to take down. The game also features a crafting system where you can craft and upgrade weapons and ammo. The game has been developed by Mundfish and is available for both consoles and PCs. 

That’s everything we had regarding the game Atomic Heart as of today. If this guide has helped, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Atomic Heart Guides, keep an eye on Frondtech.

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Last Updated on February 22, 2023

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