How to get Worker Jacket and Worker Hat in Stray

Stray is a recent adventure of Annapurna Interactive. In this third-person adventure, you’re playing as a stray cat who lost his way, alone and split from his family.

While exploring this indie game, you’re entering the brutal world covered by plenty of machines, robots, and viruses.

If you want to flee from this Cybercity, you should solve numerous puzzles and visit various locations to complete your quests.

One such area is Midtown, which is more complicated than The Slums. Be careful of your every step in Midtown since there are secrets everywhere in this area.

Here, you will encounter Momo’s friends Clementine and Blazer. She will assign a task to find the factory and recover an Atomic Battery.

Before that, you should have the Worker Hat and a Jacket. To find these sites, follow this article to get yours.

Worket Jacket and Helmet Quest - Stray

How to Get the Worker Jacket in Stray

To get the Worker Jacket, head to the Clothing shop downstairs of the hologram at the main square. If you attempt to steal directly, the owner will start scolding you until you leave the shop.

Instead, move forward to the shop and run to the trial room. Here, you might encounter a cassette player, which means you should use the player to play loud music to divert the shop owner.

Play Cassette Tape to divert Shop owner - Stray

Before that, ensure you have a cassette player in your inventory. If you don’t, come out of the store and look for Simon, a robot in the Residential district.

Simon offers you a cassette player, but you should destroy the security cameras in his location. If you don’t know the site, check out our guide on security camera locations while exploring this adventure game.

Once you have dismantled all three cameras, get the cassette tape as a reward from Simon. It’s time to head to the clothing shop again to play the cassette to divert the owner.

As a result, the owner will leave the display section to switch off the cassette player. Now, get ready to collect the Worker Jacket from the store.

How to get Worker Jacket in Stray

How to Get Worker Hat in Stray

To get the Worker Hat, head to the center of Midtown, where you can reach the Hat Shop. You can get the Hat quickly, but the owner won’t allow anyone in the shop while loading the stocks.

How to get Worker Hat in Stray

But the real trouble is the delivery man in the bar getting drunk. You must wake him up and head to the bar to find a room in the backside. After that, you might see the drunken robot sleeping in the room.

To wake up the robot, use a stepladder to reach the shelf. Here, you’ll find the container of beer; now, try to move the box to wake up the robot.

Once you’ve woken up the robot, start to follow him to the Hat shop. Before completing his work, jump on one of the boxes on the floor, and the robot will carry you to the shop.

Make sure you’re entering the Hat shop; after that, run to the window display, obtain the Worker Hat, and escape from the store using the vent area.

Finally, give the Worker Hat and Worker Jacket to Blazer, who will provide access to the factory.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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