How to get Wool in Raft

Wool Raft – Redbeet Interactive invites you to explore its oceanic adventure, Raft. This adventure game was released in 2018 as early access. Now, Axolot Games released its full version with its final chapter. 

Get ready with your squad or solo to survive in these mysterious islands. In this epic oceanic adventure world, use your trusty hook to get debris such as fish, palm fronds, barrels, and woods to survive in this dangerous world. You can also craft your survival equipment while exploring this island. But don’t be the shark’s nighttime snacks.

Don’t forget that you’re playing as a forsaken person in the world of Raft, so you have to survive on this dangerous island by using armor and backpacks. Wool is the main requirement to craft those survival kits, and it’s hard to find in this simulation game. But, you can get your Wool by following this article.

You can use Wool to craft Backpacks, Leather Body Armor, Leather Greaves, and Leather helmets.

How to get Wool in Raft

In Raft, you can design your clothes and accessories by using Wool. Since it’s a highly demanded material in this adventure world, you can’t quickly get this resource while exploring the sea. To get Wool in Raft, look for Llama, they are the only source from where you can collect your Wool.

Get ready with your Shear to get your Wool. If you don’t have Shears, use 1x Metal Ore, 1x Hinge and 2x Scrap, to craft your Shear.

How to craft Shear in Raft

Make sure you have your own tamed Llama. If not, then you need to obtain your tamed Llama while exploring the large islands. Afterward, you can start the taming process by using a Net Launcher which can be crafted out of 2x Scrap, 4x Plastic, 1x Metal Ingot, and 2x Bolt. And its ammunition, which is a Net Canister, can be crafted with 1x Explosive Powder, 4x Rope, and 4x Stone.

How to get Wool in Raft

They can be automatically tamed, but be careful with them, as they might try to escape. Make Grass Plots, place your Llama there, and then fence the area.

Finally, you will get your Pet Llama. Use them wisely to collect your Wool whenever you need them by using your Shears. Every 15 minutes, your Llama will produce the Wool again, so you can harvest them accordingly. Therefore, keeping a couple of Llamas will be profitable for everlasting Wool harvesting.

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