How to get Travel Medallion in TOTK

Get Travel Medallion – The Travel Medallion was first introduced in the Master Trials DLC in Zelda’s Breath of the Wild. Since then, players following the series of games for a decent time have preferred using the Travel Medallion to get around the map as it allows them to fast-travel. Other options are available, such as horses or shrines, but unlocking shrines can take a while, and traveling on horses could be tedious. 

If you’re wondering, this feature HAS made its way to Tears of the Kingdom, which is great news for many players! The Travel Medallion in the game allows players to open a gate and fast travel to a location they prefer; hence, in this article, we’ll guide you on how to get the Travel Medallion in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom.

How to get Travel Medallion in Zelda TOTK

To get the Travel Medallion, you’ll have to do a bunch of side quests. Specifically, once you complete the quest that unlocks the camera feature on your Purah pad, and you eventually help Robbie fix the balloon, Robbie will then relocate from Lookout Landing to Hateno Village. Once that’s done, you’ll have to meet with him at Hateno Village and activate three of his side quests. These quests will further get you some upgrades for your pad. 

Among the three, the first two quests will get you Sensor+ and Hero Paths, and it’s only the third quest allows you to get the Travel Medallion to upgrade your pad. In this quest, Robbie informs you of the incomplete prototype of the Travel Medallion, which would take some more data to be completed—the same rest in a lab in Deep Akala. You’ll have to visit the Lab first and get the Travel Medallion back to Robbie from the Yiga clan territory. 

travel medallion

Here’s how you could get the Travel Medallion back to Robbie:

  • Head towards the lab found towards the northeast of Deep Akkala.
    northeast of deep akkala
  • Defeat two of the Yiga Clan guards guarding the door as you try to enter the Lab.
    defeat footsoldiers
  • If you’re here already, interact with an NPC inside Konba; he’ll give you the Yiga armor chest piece.
  • A stone chest inside the lab will contain the Travel Medallion Prototype; collect it.
    travel medallion prototype
  • Once done, meet again with Robbie, who will upgrade the Travel Medallion to make it usable. 

Now that you’ve got your hands on a Travel Medallion, here’s how you can use it:

First, start by traveling towards the location you wish to fast-travel to. There on, follow these steps:

  • Navigate through the Key Items menu to find the Travel Medallion.
  • Click on it and select the place from the given options.
  • Once done, it’ll create a portal gate exactly beneath Link.
  • Open it, and you’ll fast-travel to your desired location.

travel medallion in zelda

There are two more upgrade options for this medallion, the first is done once you unlock 10 Skyview towers, and the second is done when you unlock 15. These upgrades can help you place up to two more medallions simultaneously. Once you’ve unlocked those many Skyview towers, head towards Robbie, and he’ll install those upgrades for you!

That’s everything there is to know about the Travel Medallion in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom.

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Last Updated on May 31, 2023

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