How to get the Kingslayer Title in Destiny 2 Season 18

The seal you receive after the reprised King’s fall raid is called ‘King’s Fall’ only. And by completing it, you will get the Kingslayer title in Destiny 2.

Actually acquiring it takes the completion of a bunch of Triumphs to be very straightforward. Some of these triumphs are challenges, smaller challenges let’s say, some encounter-triumphs, and finally completion of the master mode.

There isn’t just a single challenge or task whatsoever that you could complete in order to receive the Kingslayer title. So, via this guide, us at Frondtech will cover all the stuff you need to complete in order to complete the seal and get the title. So without further ado, here it is:

How to get the Kingslayer Title in Destiny 2 Season 18

How to complete the King’s Fall Seal and get the Kingslayer Title in Destiny 2 Season 18

Here are all the Triumphs you need to complete to get the Kingslayer Title in Destiny 2:

The King’s fall raid

You have to complete a basic version of the King’s Fall raid.

King’s Ransom

So there are three chests in the King’s Fall raid, all of which you need to search for and loot, that’ll take you a step forward.

Court of Jesters

Gather your clan, because you’re going to need to get through all the encounters amidst the King’s fall raid.

The Spark of Defiance

You’ll also have to complete all the encounters with a team of Arc-Subclass.


Well, another one of these, going through all the encounters but with a team of solar subclass.

Abyssal Society

Doing all the encounters with a team of voids. Wherein hunters can use tethers, Warlocks with nova-bombs, and titans with a ward of dawn.

Hive Mind

Completing all encounters with a team of the same class, 6 warlocks would suffice.

Controlled Dunks

Completed Hall of Souls encounters without allowing the same players to deposit relics until everyone else has done the same.

The Grass is Always Greener

Doing and completing the Grass is Always Greener challenge, is another task you’ll have to do.


This is another triumph you’re required to complete, you have got to complete the Basilica Encounter while never stealing a brand from any player standing near a totem.

Devious Thievery

This is another challenge that you’re required to complete.

Brand Buster

Completing the Warpriest encounter without ever allowing the same player to obtain the Brand before everyone else has it.

Gaze Amaze

Start and complete the gaze-amaze challenge.

Taking Turns

As the name suggests, this task requires you to complete the Goloroth encounter without ever allowing the same player to get Golgoroth’s Gaze before everyone else has.

Under Construction

Get done with the Under Construction task.

The Floor is Lava

While Never Allowing A Torn Between Dimensions Player To Touch The Ground in The Daughters Encounter.

Hands off

Completing the Hand’s off challenge is also required, here.

One True King

As mentioned earlier, you’ve got to complete the Master version of the King’s fall. 

Overwhelming Power

Get done with the Oryx encounter by detonating the bombs, while moving to the last stand, we’ve covered this in another guide we’ve composed, so make sure to check that one out too!

King of Kings

Finally, you’ve got to complete all the encounter challenges in the master version of the King’s fall. 

That’s pretty much everything we had on how you could complete the King’s Fall Seal and how to get the Kingslayer title. For more such guides, stay tuned to Frondtech!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on September 8, 2022

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