How to get the Gloom Sword in Zelda TOTK

The Gloom Sword is a weapon that can be obtained only after killing a particular boss. As the name suggests, it is extremely powerful and will bring you gloom when used. It is a one-handed weapon with a base attack of 41. Also, it cannot be obtained by fusing and has Gloom Toll’s passive ability (Secondary). If you want to get your hands on this weapon, read the guide below to find out how it can be done!

How to get the Gloom Sword in Zelda TOTK

You must defeat Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon to get the Gloom Sword. Firstly, Gloom Hands appears following the fight against Phantom Ganon, who has taken Ganondorf’s appearance. Fighting them can be tricky, and taking out Gloom Hands, especially, can be a pain. You will have to aim for the eyes on the hands and hit them with arrows. Moreover, various types of arrows that do splash damage can even damage multiple of them in a go. Note that not all Gloom Hands will become Phantom Ganon. So, you must locate the particular ones to fight the Phantom Ganon. 

gloom hands

After you are done defeating Gloom Hands, Phantom Ganon follows. This one is tough too, but more standard. Keep a distance as his charge attack is the easiest one to dodge, doing so. You could even fire arrows at his head to stagger him, making the fight easier. Use them here if you have just enough arrows after defeating Gloom Hands.

Where can you find both Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon?

As of now, we have found two locations, they are:

  1. You must beat them inside the Great Deku Tree to restore him to his former self. 
  2. Inside a cave on the southwestern side of the map. 

The cave is the easier option as caring for both enemies becomes easy. This is due to the high grounds that are difficult for the enemy to reach, given that you play your cards right. 

How to get the Gloom Sword in Zelda TOTK

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about how to get the Gloom  Sword in Zelda TOTK.

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Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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