How to get the Forensic Nightmare in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Forensic Nightmare Destiny 2 – Destiny 2 is always known for its bizarre and powerful weapons, and this weapon is no different. So this article is going to guide you on how to get the Forensic Nightmare weapon in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

After a lot of hype and anticipation, The Witch Queen expansion is here already. The update has brought us a ton of new content for the game. The update was around 21 GB on Steam. There are a ton of new Nightmare Weapons, Exotic weapons, Void 3.0, a ton of new powerful Legendary weapons, and course, weapon crafting.

The new Witch Queen expansion adds a new list of very rewarding quests. While some of those missions you might find a little tricky, most of the missions are quite straightforward. Try to complete all the missions in the game to acquire the maximum number of rewards, which includes a lot of powerful Legendary weapons as well.

So in this article, I will guide you on how to get the Forensic Nightmare SMG in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

forensic nightmare in destiny 2

How to get the Forensic Nightmare Drop in Destiny 2

The Forensic Nightmare weapon is a very powerful SMG in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Expansion. And to acquire this weapon, you have to complete the Gift of Appreciation quest and get the reward dropped at the end.

The Gift of Appreciation is one such mission where you don’t need to push too hard to complete it, but some players do report it having a tough time completing it.

There are multiple steps involved in acquiring the Forensic Nightmare Drop in Destiny 2. Follow the steps given below to complete the Gift of Appreciation Mission

  1. Collect Umblar Helmets
    First, you have to collect the Umbral Helmets by defeating the Scorn enemies. This mission is going to be a lot like the Patrol activities that you do in the main open world. Do note that the Umbral Helmets will only Drop in Savathun’s Throne World at the Miasma Area. This is a time-consuming process, so you can do some Public events to collect more Umbral Helmets before starting this mission so that it will take less time in grinding and farming the Umbral Helmets. The side quests are sometimes swarmed with Scorn, so by doing that you will have enough Umbral helmets for the main mission.
  2. Locate the Chests in the Savathun’s Throne World
    Secondly, after collecting all the helmets, you will be needing to look for the chests in the Savathun’s Throne World. The items are already marked on the map, but finding them might be a little tricky because the exact pinpoint location is hidden in the Throne World. Search the area with patience, and you will be able to locate all of them.
  3. Eliminate 100 Lucent Brood and complete a Public Event
    This is one of the most time-consuming processes out of them all three. For the third step, you will have to eliminate 100 Savathuns’ Lucent Brood as well as complete a Public Event. This requires a couple of hours to get through, as slaying 100 Lucent Brood does take some amount of grinding. The Public event, on the other hand, will be quicker since you will already spend a lot of time in the Throne World and most likely you will encounter a few of these events in the Side Quests as well.

After you complete all the three steps properly, you will be able to complete the Gift of Appreciation Mission after you return and talk to Fynch. Finally, the Hive Ghost will reward you with the Forensic Nightmare Weapon.

So this is how to get the Forensic Nightmare drop in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

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Last Updated on February 25, 2022

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