How to get Sulphur in V Rising

Sulphur V Rising – Get ready to explore the Vampire world with Stunlock Studios. Its newly released survival game V Rising welcomes you with its stunning visuals and engaging fights at each and every corner. In V Rising, you can discover gear, weapons, and a plethora of materials by unlocking every level, and then you can utilize those armaments in your fight.

If you have played V Rising enough already, then you most probably know about the huge number of machinery that you need to set up, in order to craft different resources. Because you cannot commonly get every resource as a drop from the wild.

When you reach high levels in V Rising, you start unlocking machines that were not available during the early stages of the game. The Alchemy Table is one of them. But the problem is, in order to make the Alchemy Table, you need a ton of Sulphur.

So, in this guide, I will show you how to get Sulphur in V Rising

How to get Sulphur in V Rising

To get Sulphur, you need to farm Sulphur Ores and make Sulphur out of them using the Furnace. The rocks that give Sulphur Ores look just like Copper Ore. The only difference is they are yellow in color. The only problem is, that you won’t find a lot of Sulphur Ores in Farbane. You need to venture to the more difficult locations.

Where to farm Sulphur Ores in V Rising

Also, you need to upgrade your Mace to a Copper Mace, in order to mine Sulphur Ores. Now, that you have Sulphur Ores, you need the Sulphur Recipe to turn the Sulphur ore into Sulphur.

To get the Sulphur or Sulfur Recipe, you need to beat a level 30 V Blood Carrier called Clive the Firestarter. It shouldn’t be a problem if you upgrade your armour to the Merciless Nightstalker ones, and your weapons to the Copper Ones. If you have already beaten Rufus, and obtained the Crossbow, it will help a lot. Just maintain a safe distance from him, and keep on moving during the fight.

After you have beaten Clive and got the Sulphur Recipe. Go back to your Castle, interact with your Furnace, drop all the Sulphur Ores in one of the Input Slots, and wait for them to turn to Sulphur.

Once you have obtained 12 Sulphur, press B to open your Build menu. Select Production > Crafting > Elaboration, and place the Alchemy Table. You need 100 Blood Essence, 16 Planks, and 12 Sulphur to make an Alchemy Table.

Now make all the explosives and potions you want using the Alchemy Table.

So this was all about how to get and farm Sulfur in V Rising.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2022

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