How to get Stone in Raft

Stone Raft – Raft is an oceanic adventure game developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games. Initially, this simulation game was released as early access in 2018. At present, you can explore the full version with its final chapter.

You’re playing as a forsaken person on this dangerous island who wants to survive. Be aware of man-eating sharks that are ready to end your game.

But, Raft is trying to help you with its Stone Arrow, Stone Axe, Throwable Anchor, and so on. You can find them while exploring the Raft world or craft them using materials like Stones. Since Stones are an essential resource, having them will be helpful to survive in the blue ocean. So, In this article, I would like to share How to get a Stone in Raft.

How to get Stone in Raft

Get ready with your armaments, and be careful from the sharks while exploring the ocean. Once you’ve prepared for the hunt, look for Barrels, where you can collect a couple of Stones from. But, remember that Barrels will still provide a small amount of Stones; you can enlarge the possibility of receiving Stone if you create a farm.

You can spot the Barrels floating everywhere in the ocean. Use your Hook to collect the Barrels to get your Stones. You can also use Collection Net, which will help you entrap collectible materials automatically.

Barrels in Raft

If you want to use your Nets instead of your Hook, you have to plant them on your raft on the edge of two adjacent sides. It is the best way of collecting Barrels when your Raft is going transversely.

Once you have collected enough Stones from the Barrels. It is now time to head over to the bottom of the ocean. Here you can have a high possibility of collecting your Stones. It will be more significant to check out the shallow edges of islands rather than traversing the depths of the deep ocean.

How to get Stone in Raft

As I said earlier, we’re in the ocean right now. Make sure to check your Oxygen level often and be alert to Sharks. Looking at the Stones in the shallow parts will provide a fast escape route. Once you’ve found your Stones, try to hit them by using your hooks while clicking the left button on the mouse to collect them.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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