How to get Steel Gajau Whisker in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Steel Gajau Whisker MHR – After a lot of hype and anticipation, the Monster Hunter Rise has finally released the Sunbreak Expansion that they have been teasing for a long time.

This new expansion improves upon many existing aspects while adding new and fresh content. The expansion features a new hub area called the Elgado Outpost

The expansion brings new enemies, monsters, and a better set of missions and quests. The game also updated its camera features and introduced the all-new Switch skill swap techniques.

So the Steel Gajau Whisker is a type of monster material that you can find when you are hunting for monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

You must bring this Steel Gajau Whisker back to the Elgado outpost. You can use this resource in the Smithy. Alternatively, you can also give it to an NPC so that they can complete the quest, which will unlock a specific Palamute weapon.

But locating this rare resource can be pretty tricky. So this article will guide you on where and how to find the Steel Gajau Whisker in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to get Steel Gajau Whisker in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

To get a Steel Gajau Whisker in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you first have to capture a Gajau, and then Carve it. The Steel Gajau Whisker has a 20% chance to drop from Gajau Carve.

Gajau - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Gajau is a small creature that you would normally pass when doing larger missions. The Gajau is a new monster that is added to the Sunbreak DLC, and to get it; you need to be on a Master Rank expedition. The locations given below are the primary locations for finding these fish-like animals. These monsters typically reside in water.

Here are four locations where you can find Gajau and farm Steel Gajau Whisker.

  1. Frost Islands
    Steel Gajau Whisker Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
  2. Shrine Ruins
  3. Lava Caverns
  4. Flooded Forest

It would help if you don’t start fishing Gajau; instead, look out for their fins protruding out of the water. Once you notice it, please get to the spot immediately and knock it off using your weapon. Take them out of the water; in most cases, the Steel Gajau Whisker will not fall off the monster. So it would help if you farmed for him a couple of times.

Remember that once you have slain a Gajau, there will be a 20% chance that it reappears. We also recommend taking on the Master Rank Expedition to farm for Gajau, or you can also send your friends out on Master Rank missions where you might come across the Gajaus. The Gajau is the only source of getting the Steel Gajau Whisker.

Using the Steel Gajau Whisker, you can craft:

  • S. Studded Hat X
  • S. Studded Sandals X
  • S. Studded Gloves X
  • Jyuratodus Coil X
  • Dorth Greaves X

So this was all about how to get Steel Gajau Whiskers in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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Last Updated on July 6, 2022

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