How to get Space Ship Collectible in Saints Row 2022

Among the many collectibles, you will find in Saints Row 2022, the Space Ship collectible is the most talked about and favorite within the Saints Row Community. The UFO Easter egg item is the best item to decorate your headquarters.

The Space Ship collectible, as we mentioned before, is one of the best-looking collectibles that you can use to decorate the HQ.

To get the hints on how to reach there, first, you need to take your phone out and use the Collectibles app. Once you open the Collectibles app, there will be a small list where you will get the information that the Space Ship is located at the Rojas Desert North, submerged partly in shallow water near route 66.

However, the hints will give away enough points for you to reach there and click a picture of it. Clicking the picture will unlock it, but the hints don’t exactly pinpoint where we have to reach.

So this article will guide you on how to get Space Ship Collectible UFO Easter Egg in Saints Row.

How to get Space Ship Collectible in Saints Row 2022

space ship location

To unlock collectibles, you will first have to open the HQ. To unlock the Headquarters, first, you need to do the Take Me to Church mission.

In this mission, you will be able to learn about getting collectibles after you have completed the Office Decor mission, which is supposedly the next mission after Take Me to Church. After that, whenever you point your phone at specific objects, it will be displayed and labeled with full details on the viewfinder. And if you click a picture of the item or things, they will be a part of the decorations in your Headquarters.

Based on the hint, the Space ship collectible can be found in the Rojas Desert in the South. You will find a shallow water body on the highway located in the east of the northern part of the Rojas South Desert. As soon as you spot it, please take out the phone and point your camera at it.

You will find the reticle of the camera turns green, and once you take a picture of it, a new message will pop up showing that the Space ship is unlocked.

After you are done, you can return to the HQ and approach the different stands in the room to place the various collected Collectibles. Once you have done everything, the Space Ship or UFO Collectible will be completely unlocked.

space ship saints row

This isn’t the only spaceship crash collectible in the game. There is another much more significant than this available in the Southern region of Badlands, and you can find that in a pile of mess. However, remember that the larger one is not a collectible item.

So this was all about how to get Space Ship Collectible in Saints Row 2022.

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Last Updated on September 1, 2022

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