How to get Silver Ore in V Rising

Silver Ore V Rising – Stunlock Studio’s most expensive world is titled V Rising. In this Vampire world, you have to collect multiple resources to create or boost your kingdom, craft your things, or build a new strategy to defeat your enemies.

Among those, Silver Ore will play a significant role. It’s harmful to vampires, so humans have used this metal to fend off the vampires. But silver is rare metal in V Rising. In this article, I would like to share How to get Silver Ore in V Rising. Let’s jump in!

How to get Silver Ore in V Rising

Silver will harm vampires, so be careful when you’re playing with Silver Ore. Players can’t travel like a bee when they have silver, so you can’t use the fast travel system known as Waygates. But yes, have a proper plan before you get the silver. Once you get the silver, run as fast to the castle, or it will end your life.

Likewise, earlier said, silver is one of the rare resources. Those precious Silver Ores are found in a dangerous zone, especially in the Silverlight hills. This area is located in the west of the vampire world. The most excellent place to mine Silver Ores is the Sacred Silver Mine, located in the northern region of the map.

Silver Ore in V Rising

We suggest you get at least Level 60 before facing the situation because the Church of Luminance rules the mine, and they have their powerful holy soldiers.

Get ready with your Rat character and enter the mine secretly until you reach the underground mine entry. Inside, the mine is heavily protected by teams of holy soldiers. So once you get to the entrance, be careful with each step.

Where to find SIlver Ore in V Rising

On the deeper side of the mine, you can discover silver. Besides the Sacred Silver Mines, silver ores can also find at Silver Ore Veins.

Playing as a Vampire in V Rising indicates that you are sensitive to damage that is made by silver. Be careful with Silver Ores, Silver Coins, and Silver Ingots that will cause you to hurt. But, you can create a resistance potion from your Alchemy Table to protect yourself from the damage.

If you have plenty of Silver Ores, melt them with your Furnace into Silver Ingots. Now, you can utilize them for different crafting methods.

You can also make them Dark Silver ingots by adding Scourgestone (1X) and Silver Ore (20X). It will be beneficial to craft weapons and armor. Finally, you can also grab some silver currencies from loot villages, corpses, and chests.

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Last Updated on June 3, 2022

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