How To Get Seto Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh In Jump Force

Bandai Namco just released their 2019 roadmap for Jump Force on twitter. And looking at the updates, it is confirmed that Jump Force is ready to take anime crossover to a whole new level.

Their roadmap shows updates from the month of April 2019 to August 2019. Some updates or DLCs will be paid while others would be free. Now all we have to do is wait till April to experience how good the updates really are.

Now let us take a look at the upcoming 2019 roadmap for Jump Force:

April [Free Update]

  • Clan Feature
  • Vertex Event
  • New Avatar Costumes

May [Paid DLC]

  • Seto Kaiba
  • 2 Other Playable Characters
  • Avatar Costumes/Skills

May [Free Update]

  • Online Link Mission
  • Raid Boss Event
  • New Stage : World Tournament Stage

June [Free Update]

  • Arena Event
  • New Avatar Costumes

July [Free Update]

  • Tournament Event
  • New Avatar Costumes

August [Paid DLC]

  • 3 New Playable Characters
  • Avatar Costumes/Skills

August [Free Update]

  • New Avatar Costumes
  • New Stage : Valley of the End

How To Get Seto Kaiba From Yu-Gi-Oh In Jump Force

Who is Seto Kaiba?

If you have seen the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! then you must know that Seto Kaiba is the name of the first antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! The character of Seto Kaiba is actually similar to a lot of antagonists in anime series. He is a high school teenager who is also a millionaire and runs a massive entertainment company.

Seto Kaiba is considered to be one of the greatest duelists in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, and his main mission is to defeat Yugi Muto, the main character of Yu-Gi-Oh, and also keep his brother Mokuba safe and away from all sorts of trouble.

In Jump Force, Seto Kaiba has abilities like summoning the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor.

How to unlock Seto Kaiba in Jump Force?

Unfortunately there is no way you can get Seto Kaiba for free in Jump Force. The Roadmap clearly says that Seto Kaiba will be arriving in Jump Force in May and he is a part of the paid DLC. So the only way to actually get or unlock Seto Kaiba is through buying the DLC.





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