How to Get Revision Zero in Destiny 2

Revision Zero Destiny 2 – Season 19 or the Season of the Seraph has been quite slow so far, inside Destiny 2. The Dungeon was okay-ish, and apart from that there wasn’t much to do.

But now, Destiny 2 players can once again come back from their slumber, as Bungie has just dropped a brand new Exotic Weapon, and an Exotic Quest tied to it.

I am talking about Revision Zero, obviously. Revision Zero is 450 Rounds-per-minute Exotic Pulse Rifle that offers some really features.

Firstly, it comes with two firing modes, that you can switch between easily. It comes with Anti-Barrier Rounds. On top of that, you can completely change how the weapon shoots. You can literally turn this weapon from a 4-burst medium-range weapon to a 2-burst long-range weapon. Not only that, this weapon has 4 catalysts for players to choose from.

Screenshot of Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle taken by Frondtech

Anyway, without further ado, let’s quickly see how you can get the Revision Zero in Destiny 2.

How to Get Revision Zero in Destiny 2

To get the new Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle you need to do the Hidden Shape Quest. Hidden Shape is the exotic quest that unlocks Revision Zero.

Hidden Shape Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

Now the question is, how to get the Exotic Quest for Revision Zero? To get the Hidden Shape quest, you must stay updated with all the Season of the Seraph weekly campaign quests.

The Season 19 quest is called “More Than a Weapon”, and if you have completed any of the quest steps of More Than a Weapon, then simply go to your “Quests” tab, track the quest, and complete the quest steps one by one.

Complete Third Week of More Than a Weapon Quest to unlock the Hidden Shape Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

A major portion of the “More Than a Weapon” quest requires you to do Heist Battlegrounds, which you can access by click on H.E.L.M. At the end of your Heist Battlegrounds mission, just don’t forget to open Seraph Chests using Seraph Key Codes.

Once you have completed all the quest steps till the third week of More Than a Weapon, you will be asked to speak to Ana Bray at the Holoprojector in the H.E.L.M. As you all know, her Holoprojector is located inside the room of Clovis at the Exo Frame.

Go there, and interact with the Ana Bray Holoprojector, and that is how you will get the Hidden Shape Exotic Quest.

To start the Hidden Shape Quest, you need to click on H.E.L.M. and begin the “Operation Seraph’s Shield” quest.

Operation Seraph's Shield

Now, before you start the quest, let me tell you that Operation Seraph’s Shield is an extremely long quest with a ton of puzzles and tricky mechanics. To make things easy, I am including the entire Revision Zero quest guide by Aztecross, below:

Once you have completed the entire mission, you will be asked to visit Clovis. And that is where you will get your Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle.

The next thing you need to do after getting Revision Zero is you need to fill the Attunement Progress bar of the weapon to 100% in order to unlock the Revision Zero Weapon Pattern.

As soon as you are done, visit the Relic at Mars, and craft your Revision Zero. It is after crafting the Revision Zero; you will complete the Hidden Shape quest. So just getting the weapon from Operation Seraph’s Shield is not enough. And yes, after you are done with everything, you will end up with 2 copies of Revision Zero.

Revision Zero is fully craftable, just like Osteo Striga, and comes with 4 different Catalysts.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on December 25, 2022

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