How to get Rarity 10 Talisman in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Rarity 10 Talisman MHR –  Monster Hunter rise’s most anticipated expansion is Sunbreak, ultimately released by Capcom. In this brand-new expansion, you may expect new monsters and armaments, and the new world of Elgado Outpost welcomes you with its new locales.

Sharpen your weapons to defeat your monsters while exploring plenty of resources, hunting dreadful creatures from the world of mosnters. On the other hand, you can also explore talismans in this action game.

Talismans will help you to upgrade your overall stars in this game. So, having a high number of Talismans will allow for dropping some shortcomings. So, unlocking the rarity of 10 Talismans will be perfect while exploring this monster world. But, it has a specific process to open them, follow this article will be helpful to get your Rarity 10 Talisman.

Rarity 10 Talisman in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

How to get Rarity 10 Talisman in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In order to get Rarity 10 Talisman, you will have to complete the Sunbreak expansion quests first. Once you’ve completed it, you can get your Rarity 10 Talismans by unlocking Anima and Reincarnation Melding, one of the high-level Talismans in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Indeed, finishing the main quests will always have its unique condition, like facing Gaismagorm and getting Master Rank 5. As I said earlier, you can have your Talismans if you complete all requirements. Follow these steps to get yours:

  1. Make sure you have Master Rank 5.
  2. Next, start to finish your incomplete key quests, and it will lead the way to unlock Gaismagorm.
    Gaismagorm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
  3. Now, it is time Gaismagorm, so get ready with your armor, armaments, and Talismans. Remember that this monster is feeble to fire, thunder and dragon.
  4. Finally, go to the Elgado Outpost and speak to Oborao Merchant, get the training on the new melding techniques, Anima and Reincarnation Melding.

Anima Melding might is the MR version of the Wisp of Mystery Melding. Likewise, Reincarnation is the MR version of Rebirth Melding, and the only difference is the Kamura points, which cost twice.

Now, it’s time to create level 8 and above Talismans by using those new Melding Methods. Get ready to collect Master Rank materials to craft your higher-ranking talismans. You will also need to collect Melding Nectar and Friend Vouchers to craft your talismans.

Remember that Reincarnation melding only accept level 8+ Talismans; therefore, you should use Anima Melding to craft them first. After that, combine them utilizing the Reincarnations Melding to get the new Talisman which provides an extra skill set and space to upgrade your Master Ranks.

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Last Updated on July 10, 2022

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