How to get Rare Candy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Rare Candy Scarlet Violet – Paldea has a tonne of consumable or rare-grade items that could be sold/exchanged for a bunch of in-game cash, Poke Dollars. The majority of items would benefit you in battles, the game’s oriented that way. However, the item we’re going to cover in this article, is a rare-grade item that could be exchanged for some cash. In this article by Frondtech, we’ll cover one such item: the Rare candy. Here’s a bit about it and how you can find it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

How to get Rare Candy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Rare candy is actually quite essential. This is because it can be used by the Trainers to boost through a few levels when it’s required to do so. As with any rare-grade item, you won’t be able to find it as much as you find other stuff lying around. You might have to pull a few strings or just visit specific hard-to-visit locations to get the item.

Like many other items, Rare Candy can be found in Pokeballs spread wide across Paldea. There isn’t a single location that we could point out where you’d find these Pokeballs. However, you should know that it’ll generally be at locations you won’t visit very often. One such location is the South Shore island of South Province (Area Five). On the map, you will have to look southeast from the school to a small brown island:

Screenshot showing the location of Rare Candy in Scarlet and Violet

The best way to find some Rare Candy is to just keep looking as much as you possibly can. Another prominent location for Rare Candy is the highest peak of Glasaedo Mountain, located in the middle of the West-Paldean sea. 

Additionally, Rare Candy can only be found in these Pokeballs. There’s no other way. You can’t purchase it from some vendor or shop around the realm.

A substitute for Rare Candy is EXP Candy, which can be found at places more frequently than Rare Candy. However, even a high EXP candy won’t promise a direct level-up upon consumption, but Rare Candy actually can. Rare candy is the only consumable that can promise you a direct level-up upon consumption. More reliable, we might add. 

That’s everything we had on how you could get Rare Candy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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