How to get Purecrystal in MHR Sunbreak

Purecrystal MHR Sunbreak – Monster Hunter Rise’s most anticipated expansion is Sunbreak, ultimately released by Capcom. In this brand-new expansion, you may expect new monsters and armaments, and the new world of Elgado Outpost welcomes you with its new locales.

There are a lot of materials in the game that are very rare but valuable in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC. Purecrystal is one of such materials, which is not only a helpful resource for crafting but farming the Purecrystal is a pain as it is pretty rare.

The Purecrystal is a rare resource in the game, and you will be able to find it in the Flooded Forest only.  It is a crystal that features the highest amount of transparency and durability. This Purecrystal material can be exclusively found in the jungles of the Flooded forest. Here is a basic description of Purecrystal.

  • Type – Ore
  • Rarity – 8
  • Hold Limit – 99 
  • Sell Price – 3600

So this article will guide you on how and where to get Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to get Purecrystal in MHR Sunbreak

You can get Purecrystals only in the jungles of Flooded Forest. It is always recommended that you farm the ore only when a Mining Outcrop upsurge occurs in those Flooded Forest expeditions. You can also turn on the mining outcrops location on the map for easy accessibility. Here are the notable places from where you will be able to farm Purecrystal in Flooded Forest.

How to get Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Remember that you should acquire the Master Rank and head over to the farming location, where you will be able to mine the Outcrop Nodes for Pure Crystal. You must mine the white and the blue outcrops to get the Purecrystal. Also, don’t forget to equip your Geologist skills to help you farm the Purecrystal.

Uses of Purecrystal in MHR Sunbreak

Here are the weapons that you can craft with the Purecrystal Ore.

Weapons Purecrystals Required
Crystallized Edge 4
Gelid Spirit 3

Here are the weapons that you can upgrade with the Purecrystal Ore.

Weapons Purecrystals Required
Glaciator 2
Tristan and Isolde 3
Fortis Gran 3
Crystallized Edge 2
Gelid Spirit 1
Grenade Revolver 2
Guilotines 2
Oresteia 1
Secta Du Green 1
Sonic Glass 3
Venomous Attar 3
Vicello Du Green 2
Vicello Du White 2
Vicello Tre Black 2

Here are the weapons you can craft armor and Buddy Equipment with the Purecrystal Ore.

Armor and Buddy Equipment Purecrystals Required
Astalos Helm 1
Ingot Vambraces X 1
Ingot Helm X 1
Jelly Hat X 2
Almudron Vambraces X 1
Chrome Metal Greaves X 1
Utsushi True Braces V or Medium Prayer Light 1
Chrome Metal Coil X 1
Ingot Mail X 1
Vaik Helm X 2
Ingot Coil X 1
Damascus Mail X 1
Gore Mail 2
Hawksuit/Lecturer Suit 1
Utsushi True Braces H / Channelers Hope Spring 1
Utsushi True Greaves V or Medium Hakama Light 1
Hawkcoil/Lecturer Skirt 1
Utsushi True Greaves H or Channelers Hakama Spring 1
Ingot Greaves X 1
Cenataur Coil 2
Kushala Grip X 1

So this was all about how to get Purecrystal in MHR Sunbreak.

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Last Updated on July 14, 2022

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