How to get Pure Veltecite in The Cycle Frontier

Pure Veltecite The Cycle – The full release of The Cycle Frontier has finally taken place. Previously, the game was only available on Epic Games Store. But it is now available on Steam, as well.

Now, it is no secret that The Cycle has a ton of resources scattered across different parts of the maps. Some are easy to find, while some can give you a run for your money.

Pure Veltecite is one of the numerous minerals you would like to farm in The Cycle Frontier. It’s mostly used as a crafting ingredient for a variety of goods in the game. You may also use it to finish off missions in which you need to deliver several Pure Veltecites to one of the game’s factions.

Pure Veltecite is incredibly difficult to come by, and as a result, it is extremely costly. Selling them will get you 1,922 K-Marks. If you want, you can also earn 19 faction points by going to the Korolev faction. Pure Veltecites are also required to print the Legendary NV Helmet, which allows you to see in dark areas, and comes really handy during thunderstorms.

If you’re having trouble locating Veltecite, this article will guide you to the whereabouts of the same!

Pure Veltecite - The Cycle Frontier

How to get Pure Veltecite in The Cycle:Frontier

Pure Veltecite is an epic shard that can be mined from Veltecite Veins found in The Cycle: Frontier. It’s crucial to know that there are three different varieties of Veltecites in the game: Flawed, Cloudy, and Clear. Pure Veltecite may be mined from the same mineral veins as the others, and they all have different loot rarity levels. Mining Flawed Veltecite ores is the only way to get Pure Veltecite. These ores can be found in certain locations on the maps.

On Bright Sands, the best location to get Pure Veltecite is the Waterfall, located in the top-right corner of the map. There are several mineral veins to mine here.

Other than that, you can also get Pure Veltecite from the East Caverns. All you have to do is follow the river, and whenever you come across a Waterfall, look around mine the rocks. Here are all the locations where you can find Pure Veltecite on Bright Sands:

Pure Veltecite Bright Sand Locations - The Cycle Frontier

On Crescent Falls, as the map is bigger, you’d be able to come across Pure Veltecite in a number of locations, some of which are: the Jungle Thermal Ponds.

Once you’ve arrived at Jungle Thermal Ponds, you’ll find plenty of possibilities to harvest this item by visiting Starport, and Lakeside Building, on the northern side of the fallen tree, The river between Nutrion Farms Warehouse and Hay Fields, and somewhere on the western side of Root Rock Tunnels. Here are all the locations where you can get Pure Veltecite in Crescent Falls:

Pure Veltecite Crescent Falls Location - The Cycle Frontier

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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