How to get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Pale Streak MHR Sunbreak – The new Sunbreak Expansion in Monster Hunter Rise features a new hub area called the Elgado Outpost. The expansion brings new enemies, monsters, and a better set of missions and quests. The game also updated its camera features and introduced the all-new Switch skill swap techniques.

The Pale Steak is an item you can get in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC. You have to get item this off a monster by laying him in combat. You have to bring the material back to the Elgado Outpost and give it to the Smithy so that he can craft a weapon for you.

This particular creature is tricky to beat and fight against, so it is best to have you prepared with the information to do it right. The Pale Steak is a requirement for most weapons; you can also upgrade your weapons by using it.

The Pale Steak is fatty meat that looks yummy but cannot be eaten. Here is the basic information about the Pale Steak item.

  • Type – Monster Material
  • Rarity – 6
  • Hold Limit – 99 
  • Sell Price – 4040

So this article will guide you on how to get a Pale Steak in the Monster Hunter Sunbreak game.

How to get Pale Steak in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You will get the Pale Steak material by slaying off the monster Khezu. You will be able to find this creature both in the MHR base and in the Sunbreak DLC as well. We recommend you to farm for this item after you have acquired and increased your Master Rank difficulty. There are more chances of dropping this rare Pale Steak material when you have slain the Higher Level Khezu.

Pale Steak

If you compare the two rankings, you will have more chances of getting the Pale Steak after acquiring the Master Rank. It would help if you aimed for Khezu’s head to have a great chance of getting it. For lower Level Khezu there is a total of 16% chance to drop the Steak. But if you are fighting a higher rank Khezu, you will have an 8% chance to earn it as a target reward. You can also have an increased 10% chance when you capture this beast. And if you aim for the head, you will get a maximum of 12% chance of getting Pale Steak during the combat.

Apart from the Pale Steak, the Khezu also drops items like the Pearl Gloss hide, Mystic Headfang, Monster Toughbone, etc. You will get better rewards when you take down a Master Rank Khezu than a High-Rank one when you fight through the sun break quest missions. We recommend you complete the Pale Steak farming with your friends to ensure you can take down Khezu quickly. Also, don’t forget to aim for his head when going against him.

Uses of Pale Steak in MHR Sunbreak

Here are the weapons that you can upgrade with the Pale Steak.

Weapons Pale Steak Required
K Captain’s Blade II 1
Painful Razor 1
High Volt Gunlance 1
Khezu Skards 1
Bag of Thunder 1
Full Bolt Chamber 2
Galvanized Core 1
Khezu Cleaver 1
Khezu Flute 1
Khezu Hypo 1
Khezu Shock Blade 1

You can also craft new Armor and Buddy Equipments.

Equipment and Armor Pale Steak Required
Khezu Mail X 1
Khezu Greaves S 1

So this was all about how to get Pale Steak in MHR Sunbreak.

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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

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