How to get Optic Glass in The Cycle Frontier

Optic Glass The Cycle – The full release of The Cycle Frontier has finally taken place. Previously, the game was only available on Epic Games Store. But it is now available on Steam, as well.

The Cycle: Frontier is a fast-paced, competitive shooting game that features both player-versus-environment and player-versus-player gameplay. You have a time window of about 20 minutes to scavenge for resources on an exotic world and combat deadly monsters determined to harm you and other players.

Now, it is no secret that The Cycle has a ton of resources scattered across different parts of the maps. Some are easy to find, while some can give you a run for your money.

Speaking of resources that are difficult to find, this is article is about Optic Glass, and where to find it.

Optic Glass is an uncommon crafting resource used for contracts and the creation of weapon sight attachments. If you’re having trouble locating enough optic glasses in Cycles Frontier, this guide will show you how to farm as many as possible from various areas.

Optic Glass - The Cycle Frontier

How to get Optic Glass in The Cycle Frontier

There are many places you should look at, in order to obtain Optic Glass, however, the place you should probably pay a visit first would be the Waterfall Lab, located in the map’s northeast section:

Best location to get Optic Glass - Waterfall Lab - The Cycle Frontier

The problem with this location, being a hot spot, this always remains crowded. As a warning, keep your eyes on the ground in this region because other players are aware that there are a lot of Optic Glasses here, which means you’ll be involved in a lot of PvP (player vs player)fights.

Another place you should probably visit is Rockpool. There are multiple big buildings at this location that have a higher concentration of Optic Lenses. Just go and scavenge every one of them, and you will come up with a decent amount of Optic Glass. On top of that, Rockpool is quite safe, unlike other places on the map. It’s in the lower western quadrant of the map, near an extraction region.

Best location to get Optic Glass - Rockpool - The Cycle Frontier

If you are in Crescent Falls, Pinnacle Labs is one of the finest sites to farm Optic Glass in Crescent Falls. It features a larger concentration of Cabinets, allowing you to gather a large amount of Optic Glass in a single visit.

Best location to get Optic Glass on Crescent Falls - Pinnacle Labs - The Cycle Frontier

Optic Glass has a significant possibility of falling from a Cabinet. Especially for the High Tier ones. This makes sense because there’s a significantly low number of Cabinets in the game, so the creators increased the drop chance so that if you loot a few, you’ll likely discover a decent number of Optic glass.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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