How to get Nails in Raft

Nails Raft – Axolot’s oceanic survival game welcomes you to the world of Raft. This adventure game slowly moves, so you might miss some action in the entire game. Anyway, prepare yourself or your squad to explore these mysterious islands.

You’re playing as a forsaken person in the world of Raft, so you have to find your food using your trusty hook, or you will spend your whole time crafting or finding resources to survive in the middle of the night.

If you have vital resources like Nail, it will be the game-changer. Via this article, we at Frondtech will guide you as to how you could get your hands on Nails in Raft.

Uses of Nails in Raft

How to get Nails in Raft

Nail is quite a valuable resource in this adventure game. Using Nail, you can craft different items to help you survive this simulation game. You make stuff like the Smelter, Collection Net, Scarecrow, etc.

To get Nail in Raft, you need 2x Scrap. 2 units of Scrap will give you 3x Nail. And, the best part is, you don’t actually need a Smelter to make Nails. You can directly craft them from your inventory. Scraps can easily be found on the sea floor. So just dive underwater and bring your Scrap. You can also get a lot of Scrap from abandoned ships and shipwrecks.

Remember that, in Raft, you can keep 20x Nail in a single stack, and also, you can get scraps constantly at the bottom of the littered area.

You can also explore the Raft’s Loot Boxes scattered in this epic ocean world. Loot boxes don’t have exact shapes and sizes, so try to search every box or chest you come across. They all have a chance to spawn Nails.

Since Loot Boxes are spread all over the map, you can also explore Story Islands or Abandoned Hut to collect a few of your Nails. But, Loot Boxes are not a good idea to get your Nails because the spawn is completely based on RNG.

So, the better option will be crafting your Nails, instead of searching for them. Remember, that Nails are not that rare of a resource. After a while, they start to appear quite often. In fact, after playing the game for a while. You might not have to even pay attention to your Nail supply.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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