How to get more Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters has finally made its way to Android and IOS and it is already a huge hit. This is the second major Pokemon title release on the mobile platforms after Pokemon Go.

Now, Pokemon Masters is a bit different than the traditional Pokemon games that you  have played. So it is understandable if you fail to figure out few things. Like getting more pokemon. How do you get more Pokemon in Pokemon Masters? Lets see.

How to get more Pokemon in Pokemon Masters

Now you have to remember that Pokemon Masters takes an approach that is very different from the Pokemon games that you have seen or played till date. Pokemon Masters is not about catching Pokemon and storing them inside pokeballs. Instead, it is about catching different Pokemon trainers that you might or might not have seen from this long running series.

Pokemon Masters is all about scouting sync pairs which means you will have to catch various trainers who have a single pokemon locked to them. So, if you get the trainer you get the Pokemon.

Now after playing the game for couple of hours I found out that there are currently three ways of scouting new sync pairs. They are:

  • You unlock many sync pairs as you progress in the main story. For example you get Torkoal by unlocking Flannery or Vileplume by unlocking Erika from the main story.
  • You can also scout new sync pairs by using paid gems. Gems is the in-game currency of the Pokemon Masters. Paid gems are the gems that you get by investing real money.
  • Scouting new sync pairs can also be done via unpaid gems. Unpaid gems are gems that you get by completing various activities in the game. And yes you can get five star drops from here. I got my five star Kris & Totodile from a unpaid Sync pair scout only.

Just go to the store and select Sync pair scout. If you have paid gems then go for the paid Sync pair scout, it will cost you 100 gems. If you don’t then go for the unpaid Sync pair scout, it will cost you 300 gems. Remember that the drops are completely based on RNG and you can get duplicates. So use your gems wisely.

That’s all folks!

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