How to get more money in Dying Light 2

Trading your items with a trader in Dying Light 2 Stay Human game can be expensive. It is worthwhile to add, that everything in the game, starting from medicines to weapons, is pretty expensive. To solve this problem, we have some tips and tricks on how to get and earn more money in Dying Light 2.

Techland’s second edition of the already popular Dying Light game is out, and we are playing it from the launch day itself. Despite facing a lot of criticism on the release date, the game managed to have over 150K players online at launch. The Dying Light Game series is always known for its parkour movements, with a combination of slides and jumps from one building to another. The whole city is overrun by Zombies and bandits, much like its prequel, and you would have to fight and dodge all of those to complete the missions and the objectives.

You will notice something that whenever you go to a trader in the Stay human game, everything seems to be very costly. Even in this pro-apocalyptic world, where zombies roam around in the streets, everyone still wants the money. Even the medicines are expensive, even though it is one of the easiest items to craft in the game. And if you are looking to possess a shiny new weapon and armor, then you should start grinding more in the game.

But don’t worry, we have you covered. This how-to get more money in Dying Light 2 guide would help you understand the tips to earn and get more money in Dying Light 2.

Best Ways to Get Money in Dying Light 2

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Complete Quests

It is extremely crucial to complete your quests. Play the game often and grind as much as you can to earn more money in dying light 2 stay human. It is also worth mentioning that all quests won’t give you money. Some main and side quests will reward you with a lot of money, but in many cases, you will be rewarded with points or items.

Loot and Sell

This process is a bit tedious, to be honest. But it is one of the fastest ways to collect and make more money in Dying Light 2. Loot from everything and from wherever you can. Whenever you complete a convoy, pick up every single item from them. Also, when you enter the GRE Quarantine building, go through all the different lockers and every bag. Don’t leave any stones unturned. Search everything. If you manage to eliminate a GRE Anomaly, don’t forget to search for them, as they always carry items that are worth a lot of money.

The same idea goes for eliminating zombies and humans. Although it is fun taking down zombies, but doing it continuously for the sake of earning money can sometimes be a little annoying. It’s actually, the more you do it, the more junk you can sell, and therefore you can make more money out of it. Once you have collected a huge chunk of waste, head to the trader and sell everything that you don’t use like clothes, damaged weapons, weapon parts, valuables etc. Doing these would also help you get more money in dying light 2 so that you don’t have to worry much about doing side activities and quests.

Complete various Activities

You will also be rewarded with money if you complete activities like Bandit Camps, Convoys, Military drops and the best part is even if you don’t get money, you will end up with a good amount of loot which is worth a lot of money if you sell it to a trader. And keep in mind, if you are rewarded with something less powerful than the weapon that you already have, you can easily go and sell it to a trader and make some money out of it.

So these are the quick tips and tricks on how to get more money in Dying Light 2.

So this was all about Dying Light 2 guide on “How to get more money in Dying Light 2”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more guides on Dying Light 2, keep an eye on Frondtech! Happy Gaming!

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Last Updated on February 8, 2022

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