How to get more Boxes to Store Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you’ve been following the pokemon franchise and you’ve played previous sequels, you’ll know that there were no worries related to storage boxes, meaning they weren’t limited.

For the OG players, when they found out that in Scarlet and Violet, there’ll be only eight storage boxes at the beginning, they were pretty shocked.

This changes everything, actually, and the next move generally would be to increase the 8-box limit. 

Following the same, in this article by Frondtech we’ll be guiding you with how you can get more storage boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Here it is:

How to get more Boxes to Store Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Screenshot showing how to get more Boxes to Store Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Yes, there is a way to increase the storage boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and the rough part is that the game doesn’t really guide you with how you can increase those storage boxes.

Those 8 boxes have 30 spots in each one of them, this might seem enough for an average player, however, it won’t be enough for people who like to collect stuff.

These collectors use their storage boxes in a different manner, as in, apart from the obvious, that is to store unused Pokemon, they’ll use it to organize teams or even create their own living Pokedex. 

When you open up your storage, eight boxes will be available by default. Though, this can be changed with a few easy steps.

Starting with the procedure to increase the storage space, put at least one pokemon in each of the available boxes.

This should be quite easy to do, as there are a number of new pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Once you’ve done so, just hit save, quit the game and reopen it. 

Once you’ve reopened the PC, now you’ll see that you’ve got 16 boxes, instead of the original 8. Just repeat the process once again, put one pokemon at least in the remaining ones of 16 boxes, save the game and reopen it. Once again, after you’ve done so, head to the PC, and you’ll find that there’s now 32 boxes available for you to use.

With 30 spots of space in each one of them, you’ll now have 960 open spots up for use. This is enough not only for the regular players, but also the collectors who wish to make a living pokedex.

Additionally, this is the max it’ll go. Even if you try again, you’ll see 32 boxes which we’re considering is the upper limit. 

One thing you’ll struggle with in this procedure is finding that one pokemon to fill in each box. Players will have to capture a total of 16 Pokemons to make this work. That will be possible for you once you’ve got access to pokeballs. 

That’s everything we had on how you could get more storage boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. See you all in the next one!

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Last Updated on January 13, 2023

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