How to get Mermaid Mask in Hogwarts Legacy

Mermaid Mask Hogwarts Legacy – Hogwarts Legacy is finally out, and we have a great time playing, especially because of its new game mechanics and great storytelling. Apart from the main quests, there are a lot of side quests that you can do, which can help build relationships with the various NPCs in the game, which helps you complete challenges. These challenges reward you with exclusive gears and items, which you won’t get if you only do story missions.

There are various ways of customizing your character in Hogwarts. You can customize its hats, glasses, robes, cloaks, gloves, masks, brooms, and wand handles. One of the unique masks in the game is the Mermaid Mask; if you are not aware of it, then it is time to get one.

So this article will guide you on how to get Mermaid Mask in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get Mermaid Mask in Hogwarts Legacy

You will have to complete a quest called “The Lost Astrolabe” to get the Mermaid Mask. You will encounter this side quest once you venture into the Lower Hogsfield, especially when doing the quest “Trials of Merlin.” Furthermore, you will come across a student called Grace Pinch Smedley from the Slytherin House standing near the lake. You can spot her easily when you are on your way to help the stranger or Nora Treadwell. Since building relationships with students are quite rewarding once you complete the challenges, it is worth attempting the side quests whenever you can.

Regarding the topic, Grace Pinch Smedley will need help retrieving the Astrolabe. But to get it, you must dive into the lake and swim a few yards to collect the Astrolabes. Grace says that getting those Astrolobes which were once lost in the Black Lake, can help her bring peace to her father. She also added that I would be able to discover a lot of other items that I could keep after handing her the astrolabes. She added that I would be able to find the Astrolabes a furlong away from the dock.

Once you get back in control, head northeast of the dock and dive into the lake. To get the Astrolabes first, you must dive into the Black Lake, follow the white arrow marker on the screen, and start swimming. Press the Shift Button on the keyboard to start swimming faster.

It will take some time to reach the required destination. As soon as you come close to the area, the White marker vanishes, and a purple translucent circle shows up, which indicates the area of the Astrolobes. Continue swimming forward, and you will be able to spot small white patches on the water itself. Those are the areas you need to search for, and one of them will have the Astrolabe you need to collect.

pinch smedley astrolabe search

As soon as you reach there, press F to search for the Pinch Smedley family Astrolabe. You will dive in automatically and search for it after pressing F. Every time you search, you are guaranteed to get new gear. I have got the following when searching for the Astrolabes. There are a total of 4 search points; out of the four, one contains the Pinch Smedley Family Astrolabe.

  1. Grey Nightcap
  2. Blue Leather Gloves
  3. WiggenWeld Potion
  4. Pinch Smedley Family Astrolabe (Objective Item)
  5. Azure Niffler Scarf

astrolabe exact location in hogwarts

As soon as you get the Pinch Smedley Family Astrolabe, return it to Grace and give her the Astrolabe. You can keep the rest of the items as she promised and end the side quest “The Lost Astrolabe” after a brief cutscene. You will also get the Mermaid Mask as a Side-Quest Completion Reward in Hogwarts Legacy.

mermaid mask in hogwarts legacy

So this was all about how to get Mermaid Mask in Hogwarts Legacy

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Last Updated on February 13, 2023

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