How to get Leather in Raft

Leather Raft – Redbeet Interactive’s oceanic adventure, Raft finally released its full version with its final chapter. Originally this simulation game was released as early access in 2018.

On this dangerous island, you’re playing as a forsaken person who desires to survive with the help of a Leather Armor set. Be aware of man-eating sharks that are ready to end your game. But, Raft is trying to help you with its surviving resources.

You can get them while traveling the Raft world or craft them using materials like Leather which will provide the vibe of genuine hunting experiences. If you want the Leather in your inventory, follow this article to get yours.

How to get Leather in Raft

To get Leather, you will have to eliminate wild animals like Bears and Warthogs. But, they won’t appear on the small islands, so utilize your Receiver and Antenna to locate the wild animals on large islands. If you don’t have a Receiver and Antenna, craft them using their blueprint, which you can find out at the early stage of this adventure.

Firstly, locate the Bears, which can only be found on Balboa Island, and the last location of the story’s first chapter also have the same biome located at hand in the islands.

Once you’ve reached Balboa island, get down from your Raft. Don’t forget to bring at least 2 Spears. Afterward, traverse the island, and if you discover the bear sharpen your spears to hunt.

To get a Leather from the Bears, allow them to chase you. Once it approaches near you, move away just a bit and let it do its attack. After performing the attack it will stop for a second or two. Use your spear to stab the bear then. If you successfully slay the bear, hold “E” on it to pick up. It will provide you with 4x Leather, a bear head, and raw meat.

How to get Leather in Raft

Next, the same procedure will be followed to find the Warthog to acquire Leather. But you have to get him close to the water. Afterward, move to the shore and be patient for the Warthog to come in your direction.

Once it starts to chase you, move to the water and wait for the Warthhog to finish its “charging” attack. At one point, it will stop the charging and get confused. Now, it’s time to use your spears against the Warthog to get your Leather, and he also provides meat and a Warthog head.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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