How to get Hurricane TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Hurricane TM Location Scarlet Violet – The Hurricane TM is a damage dealer, and it is the best ability to use when pairing this TM with a Flying Type Pokemon.

The all-new Scarlet and Violet is the first instalment in their ninth generation of Pokemon Games. The game was published by Nintendo and developed by GameFreak. It is a Nintendo Switch-only game and borrows the exact mechanics of collecting Pokemons like its previous games. But this time, they are packing newer storylines and a new set of Pokemons for you to battle and catch.

The best TM for flying Pokemons is the Hurricane TM. This TM will help you deal much damage while creating confusion amongst the enemy. The Hurricane TM ability is like the Fatality move in Mortal Kombat because of its final game-winner feature. This TM is commonly used in competitions and is one of the abilities you need to master.

So this article will guide you on how to find and get Hurricane TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Hurricane TM Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

find hurricane tm

You will be able to find the Hurricane TM at the Casseroya Watchtower #1, Second Floor.

To visit this area, you must travel to West Medali and walk towards the Tower. Once you arrive at the Tower, take the stairs and get to the second floor. You will easily be able to spot the Hurricane TM, which is in the form of a Pokeball with a glowing aura emerging out of it. The screenshot above gives the pictorial reference of where to spot the Hurricane TM. Remember that there is also a Gimminghoul near the tower. You can battle and trounce him to get some money.

This is the exact location where you can find the Hurricane TM ability.

hurricane tm location

Using the Hurricane TM ability, your Flying Pokemon will wrap your opponent in a hurricane that flies into the sky. This creates confusion amongst your enemies, and you can use this advantage to deploy other moves. This is a game-changing ability; mastering it can help you trounce your opponents. Using this TM, your Pokemon can use the opponent’s confused state to deal more damage to them.

Remember that you cannot only deal damage when your opponent is confused, but they also hurt themselves. With each attack you deploy on them, there is a 30% chance that the Confusion status effect will trigger. Although the Confusion move doesn’t directly damage, it makes your Pokemon’s job easier.

Once you get the Hurricane TM, you can head to the nearest Pokemon Center. Inside the Center, you will find a TM machine where you can craft multiple copies of this Hurricane TM. These are the following items that you will need to make multiple copies of the Hurricane TM,

  1. 3x Wingull Feather
  2. 12000 LP
  3. 5x Swablu Fluff
  4. 3x Oricorio Feather

Collecting all of these weapons is typically easy. But you will have to fight some low-level pokemon to get these. And also, remember to maintain and raise friendships with your Pokemons so they can help you when you need them the most during battles. You can also speed up the farming process by enabling the Auto Battle Feature in the game.

So this was all about how to get and find the Hurricane TM Ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Finding and mastering this TM will help you ace competitions.

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Last Updated on November 25, 2022

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