How to Get Gyroscope in The Cycle Frontier

Gyroscope The Cycle Frontier – Yager Development produced and published The Cycle: Frontier, a 2022 first-person shooter video game. This game is described as a “competitive quest shooter” by Yager, who also classifies it as a cross-genre “PvEvP,” which combines player versus environment and player vs player.

Now, it is no secret that The Cycle has a ton of resources scattered across different parts of the maps. Some are easy to find, while some can give you a run for your money.

Speaking of resources that are difficult to find, this is article is about Gyroscope, and where to find it.

The gyroscope is an epic item that serves as crucial crafting or making material for The Cycle: Frontier’s weapons and other components. To make the Exotic Helmet, the finest helmet in the game, you must first locate the Gyroscope. In fact, you’ll also need to locate the gyroscope in order to craft some Legendary weapons.

Gyroscope - The Cycle Frontier

Understand that stealing a gyroscope is a highly valuable thing. If you come across any, seize them since they can be sold for 2,563 K-marks outside their print price. The Osiris faction is also linked to the Gyroscope. For the blessing of Osiris, you can easily acquire 26 faction points.

To begin with, a Gyroscope is an uncommon find. Cabinets in Tier 5 and Tier 4 locations are the greatest places to look for a gyroscope. They frequently nest in high-fauna environments that are perilous. When traveling there for gyroscope cultivation, you must use extreme caution.

How to Get Gyroscope in The Cycle Frontier

Let’s take a look at all the locations where you can get Gyroscope in Bright Sands and Crescent Falls:

Bright Sands Gyroscope Location

Bright Sands is almost devoid of any gyroscope. The Crashed Ship is the only place in the northeast corner of the map to find the gyroscope. You can go a little north from there for some more loot, but that’s not enough to call it a day. Overall, Bright Sands is not a very good map in order to farm for gyroscopes.

Gyroscope Bright Sands Location - The Cycle Frontier

Crescent Falls Gyroscope Location

Make your way to Crescent Falls if you’re looking for a Gyroscope. There are various sites in this area where you may get a decent run.

The location to get Gyroscope is Pinnacle Labs, located in the Northeast part of the map. You can also pick up Gyroscope from the forested region of the Starport Landing Pad.

Gyroscope Crescent Falls Location - The Cycle Frontier

Nutrion Farms is also a decent location to get Gyroscope. The spawn rates are nowhere close to that of Pinnacle Labs, though. Furthermore, This place stays way less crowded than the top two spots.

The whole area surrounded by Greens Prospect, Lakeside Building, Osiris Wildlife Preserve, and the Lakeside Building, also has a good probability of spawning gyroscopes. But not as much as the areas described previously.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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