How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

Greater Blood Essence V Rising – Going by the plot of V Rising, after years of hibernation, you rise as a weakened vampire in V Rising. To reclaim your former dominance, you’ll have to rebuild your fortress, seek blood, and conquer the living world. In V Rising, you can play alone or with friends to reclaim the power that only a genuine vampire should possess. You’ll be able to assault camps, pillage communities, and battle magical entities while exploring a wide-open environment. You’ll acquire resources to construct your fortress, enslave folks, and gradually develop your own Vampiric Empire.

To basically survive in V Rising, you’ll need a lot of blood essence. Every time you manage to get a kill, you’ll see certain Orbs being collected into your inventory. One use of these Orbs is to protect your castle’s Heart from decaying. To power bigger crafting tools such as the Sawmill, or to craft other items such as building pieces, is another use. So it’s safe to say that blood essence is an important factor of the game, and you need to be topped off with it all the time.

Getting Blood Essence is pretty easy in V Rising. Just eliminate your enemies or feed on them, either way, you can get Blood Essence very easily.

Now, I am pretty sure that most of the people who just started playing V Rising, don’t know there is something called the Greater Blood Essence, as well. Most of you won’t probably need Greater Blood Essence in the early stages of the game. But, as you start reaching higher levels. You will come by Greater Blood Essence as a mandatory resource quite often. You will need it when the game asks you to build a Servant Coffin. So, in this guide, I will show you how to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

How to get Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

In V Rising, the only way to get Greater Blood Essence is by setting up the Blood Press. You can use it to make all the Greater Blood Essence you want. The blood press is simple to set up, and you should be able to do it right away. You need 12 Planks and 120 Stones to build a Blood Press.

How to build Blood Press in V Rising

Obtaining the ingredient for Greater Blood Essence, on the other hand, can be difficult. Now, in order to make 1x Greater Blood Essence, you’ll need 4 Unsullied Hearts. Unsullied Hearts are one of the rarer resources in the game. Tainted Heart in the one that drops more often. If you ask me, I farm my Unsullied Hearts at the camp of Rufus the Foreman. There are a lot of high level Rogues and Trappers there. As you can see, I have managed to get 6 Unsullied Hearts, at such an early level:

Unsullied Heart V Rising

A lot of people have gotten Unsullied Hearts from wolves, as well. I haven’t, though. So I cannot confirm. Maybe you can try farming the Alpha Wolf. But I cannot guarantee anything.

The Unsullied Hearts you’ll obtain can also be consumed for blood, but it isn’t advisable as they have a far precious use, and it’ll basically be wasting them if you use them for blood unless you’re in desperate need of it. Now once you have Four of them Unsullied hearts, all you need to do is to put them into the input section of the Blood Press and in no time you’ll get the Greater Blood Essence you were looking for.

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Last Updated on June 3, 2022

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