How to get Goldlite Ore in MHR Sunbreak

Goldlite Ore MHR Sunbreak – Monster Hunter Rise’s most anticipated expansion is Sunbreak, ultimately released by Capcom. In this brand-new expansion, you may expect new monsters and armaments, and the new world of Elgado Outpost welcomes you with its new locales.

Sharpen your sword to hunt dreadful monsters, craft your material or explore plenty of resources that are scattered in this action game. One such new resource is Goldlite Ore.

Goldlite Ore is helpful to craft better armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. To get this ore, you should start your mining from Sunbreak expansion. If you want to improve your armor set, follow this article to get Goldlite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Goldlite Ore in MHR Sunbreak

First, make sure that you have Master Rank before you start the hunt for Goldlite Ore; otherwise, you won’t be able to collect your ores. Afterward, head to the Sandy Plains, where you can collect these materials. While exploring this area, you can get your Goldlite from White or Blue Mining Outcrops scattered all over the map.

On the upper level of sandy Plains, you have eight mining outcrops; on the lower level, get ready to mine the four Mining Outcrops. Here are the exact locations of Goldlite Ores:

Goldlite Ore Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you’re going to farm Goldlite Ore, you need to move fast, and having a Palamute will make you move slightly faster than usual. As I said earlier, you should check your stamina often and ensure that you have Dash Juice and Dangos in your hand while starting your hunt.

Once you’ve checked your stamina level, start your harvest from Area 2, located in the southwest outer gray region, and don’t forget to explore the small ledge that leads east of Area 2.

Afterward, get your Goldlite Ore while traversing Area 6 and Area 3’s northeast part. Then, move near the Area’s southern layered ridge to collect your ores. Once you’ve gained ores, move to the opposite way to explore the second Mining Outcrop.

Next, head to Area 5, here in the underground cave area, on the right side of the ravine, to obtain your Goldlite Ores, and then drive to the center of the cavern to explore the tall, thin rocks to acquire your ores.

The next Mining Outcrop can be found in the western areas atop the second rocky ledge from Area 12. Finally, visit the Area 10 entrance, which comes from the right side of Area 7.

Once you’ve collected enough Goldlite Ore, it’s time to craft your armor pieces like the Squire’s Greaves and Braces to design your Squire Armor Set. You can also craft the Basarios Armor set using Goldlite ore.

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Last Updated on July 14, 2022

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