How to get Gold Ingot in V Rising

Gold Ingot in V Rising – Stunlock Studios welcomes over a million vampires to the V Rising world. This survival game gives you all kinds of twists and adventures. But still, players are somewhat stuck at some point in finding resources like Unsullied Hearts and the Paper Press, which take almost an age. Not to forget, Gold Ingot, which is used to craft your things and gear.

Getting a Gold Ingot is not a piece of cake. It is nowhere near as easy as getting Copper Ingots and Iron Ingots. The grinding involved in getting those is way less compared to what you have to do in order to get Gold Ingot. You will have to beat a high-level boss for that. Let’s just say Gold is an endgame resource in V Rising. In this article, I would like to share how to get Gold Ingot in V Rising.

How to get Gold Ingot in V Rising

In V Rising, Gold Ingot is a kind of chemical agent which helps you to craft your things and gear. Gold Ingots play a significant role in the later stages of the game.

To get Gold Ingot in V Rising, you will have to go and beat Azariel the Sunbringer. He is a Level 68 V Blood Carrier, located at the Brighthaven Cathedral of Silverlight Hills. Azariel drops the Gold Ingot recipe.

How to get Gold Ingot Recipe in V Rising

Since Azariel is the lead boss of Brighthaven Cathedral, he’ll be stronger than you think. Be careful with him, or he will easily eliminate you with his potent holy attacks. Make sure to have Holy Resistance Flask before you’re facing Azariel. It will be obtained from Willfred the Werewolf Chief. A Level 64 boss located close to the Cursed Forest at the Gloomgrave Village. Also, don’t forget to bring along some potions.

Now, to make Gold Ingot, you need 8x Sulphur and 8x Golden Jewellery. If you want to know how to get Sulphur, check out our Guide. Now, to get Golden Jewellery, you will have to tread deeper in Silverlight Hills. Go to the Brighhaven District of Silverlight Hills to farm Golden Jewellery. You can also get Golden Jewellery from chests in Bandit Camps.

Best Location to find Golden Jewellery in V Rising

Once you manage to gather all the resources, head over to your Furnace. Drop your Sulphur and Golden Jewellery inside the Input slot, and get your Gold Ingot.

Using Gold Ingot to craft your armor and weapons will help your armament be stronger.

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Last Updated on June 4, 2022

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