How to get Ghost Shroom in V Rising

Ghost Shroom V Rising – Stunlock Studios’ recent release V Rising, welcomes you to the fascinating vampire world. You’re playing as a weakened vampire. To be the top vampires in this survival game, you probably need surviving items, resources, and materials like any other survival game does. But V Rising provides plenty of things to do.

There’s a list of consumables in V Rising with their uniqueness. One of those helpful consumables is Ghost Shrooms. It’s a magical Mushroom, that has a lot of uses. In this article, I would like to share How to get Ghost Shrooms in V Rising. 

How to get Ghost Shroom in V Rising

To get a Ghost Shroom, you have to explore the Cursed Forest. It’s where your foes are probably playing hide-and-seek in the darkness. You’re able to get silkworms, ghost crystals, and so on, from there, as well.

At first, head over to the Nest of the Curse Weaver. While traversing near the pathway, you can see some plants and glowing blue mushrooms. Here, you can find your magical Ghost shrooms. But, keep in mind that you’re entering the witch-mother Boss Matka area. This is what the Ghost Shrooms look like, by the way:

What a Ghost Shroom looks like in V Rising

It’s so simple to get Ghost Shrooms. You need to pay attention to the forest floor, move close to them, and collect them by using your sword. Also, you don’t need to reach Matka, and you can collect a bunch of Ghost Rooms in the bushes. After that, you might find out those shrooms in your inventory and use them wisely.

The second option will be directly going to the Ancient Village in the Cursed Forest. In this village, you can collect a lot of Ghost Shrooms and other noteworthy resources.

Best Location to find Ghost Shroom in V Rising

You can also collect your Ghost shrooms in the outdoor of ancient Villages’ houses and trees. It was pretty easy to collect all your Ghost Shrooms, right. But, be careful when you’re roaming in the Ancient Village; witches are here to kill you. At last, You can also defeat those witches and collect your Ghost Shrooms.

If you have enough Ghost Shrooms, you can use them as a Stamina and boost. Use them wisely when you fight with your foes. It will help you to reduce your damage. I hope you collected your Ghost shrooms on today’s match.

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Last Updated on June 2, 2022

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