How to get Fuses in Dead Island 2

Fuses in Dead Island 2 – Dead Island 2 is a first-person action horror game developed by Deep Silver. Dambuster Studios publish it and is the third game in the Dead Island Series. It received positive reviews globally and a must-play for all Dead Island fans!

Finding Fuses is not so difficult in Dead Island 2, and these are a must when unlocking the locked doors. Behind these locked doors are rooms filled with essential resources, but the game doesn’t tell you exactly how to get these fuses, so we are here to help you.

So this article was about how to get Fuses in Dead Island 2.

how to get fuzes in Dead Island 2

How to get Fuses in Dead Island 2

There are many locked doors in Dead Island 2; you must get the Fuses first to unlock them. To find Fuses, first visit a Trader in Dead Island 2. You will be able to see him marked by a $ sign on the map, and you find them mainly inside the safehouse throughout the game.

Fuses cost $1500, and it doesn’t matter from whom you buy. You can carry up to a total of 3 Fuses, and there are no ways to raise the carrying capacity of these fuses. Remember that you won’t be able to craft the Fuses either, but instead, you can refill them up as much as possible whenever you can afford them. Having a full loadout of three fuses will help you open as many doors in and around Los Angeles. Although you might find that the $1500 is a lot of money, if you continue playing the story and collecting money, you won’t find the Fuses so expensive anymore.

Once you unlock a room with Fuses, you will find many items inside it. Items include crafting supplies, cash, and, most importantly, a chest with one weapon. Although most of the weapon drops in the game are random, inside these chests, you will find the famous Zomproof Slayer Hoards, and they are of much higher value and higher stats than the ones found in the world.

Also, remember that the locked rooms are booby-trapped, and you will find a lot of tripwires across the room running in different directions. You need to be extra careful when exploring the room and always disable these trip wires from a safe distance or lure more zombies inside, and they will clear the room out for you.

After the chaos clears off, you will be greeted with a room full of loot, and if you have fuses properly stocked up, you will be able to find a lot of rooms like this in both LA and San Francisco.

So this was all about how to get Fuses in Dead Island 2.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023

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