How to get Frocium Ore in MHR Sunbreak

Frocium Ore MH Rise Sunbreak – Monster Hunter Rise’s most anticipated expansion is Sunbreak, ultimately released by Capcom. In this brand-new expansion, you may expect new monsters and armaments, and the new world of Elgado Outpost welcomes you with its new locales.

There are a lot of materials in the game, that are very rare but valuable in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC. Frocium Ore is one of such materials, which is not only a helpful resource for crafting but farming the Frocium Ore is a pain as it is pretty rare.

The Frocium Ore is a valuable resource in the game, and you will be able to find it in different locations across three regions. Remember that you should acquire the Master Rank and head over to other sites, where you will be able to mine the Outcrop Nodes for Frocium. Here is a basic description of Frocium Ore.

  • Type – Ore
  • Rarity – 6
  • Hold Limit – 99 
  • Sell Price – 1020

Since there are a lot of locations for Frocium Ore, this article will guide you on how and where to get Frocium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to get Frocium Ore in MHR Sunbreak

You can get the Frocium Ore by mining the high-rank Outcrops in the following areas. The exact locations are marked on the map.

  1. Flooded Forest
    flooded islands
  2. Sandy Plains
    sandy plains sandy plains front
  3. Lava Caverns
    lava caverns bottom lava caverns top

There are a lot of locations from where you will be able to farm the Frocium Ore. You can start from your base camp and visit all the marked areas on the map to get Frocium Ore in MHR Sunbreak. Once you reach the significant spots, you must search both the upper and lower levels to find the mining outcrop nodes. You can use your Wirebug to get them.

chameleos in mhr sunbreak

You can also get the Frocium Ore from the Monster Chameleos. The Chameleos have a target reward of a 10% chance of getting this resource, or there is a 14% chance of dropping the help as a reward. Farming for Frocium is worth it is used as a forging material.

Uses of Frocium Ore in MHR Sunbreak

Here are the weapons that you can craft with the Frocium Ore.

Weapons  Frocium Ore Required 
Daora’s Delphinidae I 4
Demon Rod 4
Cornpoopper 3
Demon Gunlance 4
Flammenkanone I 5
Mane Malice I 3
Rajang Shooter 8

Here are the decorations that you can craft with the Frocium Ore

Decorations Frocium Ore Required 
Physique Jewel 1

Here are the weapons that you can craft with the Frocium Ore.

Weapons  Frocium Ore Required 
Fulgent Shot I 4
Arko Nulo Black II 2
Gale Bowgun 3
Arko Unu White 2
Drill Lance II 5
Babel Spear II 3
Barro Blaster 5
Binding Bludgeon II 3
Chrome Quietus 3
Classy Fragrance 3
Cyclo Hammer II 3
Czar Switch Axe 4
Dawn Ray Bow II 4
Devil Masher II 4
Devil Slicer 3
Dual Cleavers 4
Earth Eater 8
Felyne Bowgun II 5
Fiore Nulo Black II 5
Fiore Unu White 2
Fortissimo 3
Great Nova II 4
Growling Wyvern II 2
Guillotines 4
Hiten Blade 3
Imperial Guardlance 5
Julienne Blade 4
Kaiser Blade 6
Lagombavarice 2
Lotus Bowgun II 4
Ludroth Harpoon III 3
Meteor Cannon 10
Pukeil Bagpipe II 2
Pukei Gunlance I 2
Queen Chordmaker 3
Rainy Jelly II 3
Rampart 4
Rebound Shot 3
Rough Roller 2
Secta Nulo Black II 2
Soldier’s Dagger I 4
The Power Shredder 5
Titanic Makra 6
War Basher 5
Wheel Axe II 1
Yekla Arc I 5
Dual Threat I 5
Flammengewehr I 2
Castellum Long Sword 5
Rugged Anchor 2
Striped Dragonga II 4
Surprise Axe II 4
Tigrine Edge II 2
Duo Horn I 3
Luto Ascia 3
Venom Lance I 2
Infernal Furies 4
Shattershot II 4

You can also craft new Armor and Buddy Equipments.

Equipment and Armor Pale Steak Required
Vespoid Mail 1
Chrome Metal Coil 3
Ingot Helm S 2
Chrome Metal Boots 3
Tigrex Braces S 4
Damascus Vambraces 3
Ingot MAil S 1
Ranthian Helm S 3
Uroktor Coil S 2
Basarios Coil S 2
Ingot Coil S 1
Mizuha Gaiters 4
Barroth Vambraces S 3
Chaos Archbun 2
Volvidon Greaves S 2
Damascus Coil 3
Ingot Greaves S 2
Ingot Vambraces  S 2
C Basarios Axe S 1

So this was all about how to get and what to do with Frocium Ore in MHR Sunbreak.

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Last Updated on July 13, 2022

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