How to get Egg in Raft

Egg Raft – In Raft, your goal is to make it through a treacherous sea journey by yourself or with others! To survive, expand your raft with debris, and be cautious of ocean predators! Players awaken on a huge, blue ocean completely alone and without land in sight while trapped on a little raft with nothing but an old plastic hook! It will be difficult to survive with a dry throat and an empty stomach! You and your buddies will go on an epic journey in Raft, where the goal is to stay alive while gathering supplies and constructing a floating residence that will allow you to survive.

Now, as with every survival game, you’ll need to manage your hunger level, which goes side by side with your Health Points. In Raft, there are numerous ways as to which you can sustain your hunger, but in this article, we’ll be covering “Eggs” or more precisely, we’ll be guiding you as to where you can find a Clucker in the first place, now why do you need a Clucker? Cause Clucker is a bird in Raft that lays eggs.

Now, why would you need an Egg? There are multiple uses to them, not to mention again, your Hunger level is one of them, moreover, you could use them to craft other healing items too, and lastly, they could be used in Biofuel Refiners too.

Let us get to the part of this article you’ve been waiting for.

How to get Egg in Raft

As I mentioned before, you can get an Egg from a Clucker. Here are the steps:

  1. First things first, you’ll need a receiver, as goes with finding any other important part of the game, you’ll need this most basic thing that helps you locate
  2. Second, you’ll have to obtain access to large islands which you get after you get to radio towers, these radio towers can be tracked through your locator (the receiver).
  3. Now, you can’t just walk up to a Clucker and expect it to lay eggs for you, you’ll need to catch it first, contain or capture it into a Grass Plot that can be crafted with 6x Planks, 2x Dirt, and 4x Plastic. And make sure to fence the Grass Plot, so that the Clucker doesn’t go running around.
    Grass Plot - Raft
  4. Once you have your enclosure all set up, you need to go out hunting.
  5. For capturing the Clucker, you’ll need a device that fires a net (Net Canister) to capture these creatures.
  6. A Net Launcher can be made out of two Scraps, four pieces of Plastic, one Metal Ingot, and Two Bolts. And it’s ammunition, which is a net canister, can be crafted with one Explosive Powder, Four Ropes, and Four stones.
  7. Start your expedition and use your Net Launcher to net Cluckers when you come across them on the large islands.
  8. Once you have a Clucker, take it to your Grass Plot, and place it there.
    What a Clucker looks like in Raft
  9. Remember, the Grass Plot is actually food for your Clucker. If your Plot runs out of Grass, your Clucker will end up dying. You need to provide Fresh Water to the areas that run out of Grass.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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