How to get Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

Before getting to the main topic, a little bit about the game, for new players! Tower of Fantasy is a third-person perspective 3D “shared world” action role-playing game. You play as an avatar that you can customize, and who travels the open virtual world interacting with other creatures and non-player characters while also gathering stuff.

Through a hack-and-slash combat system, you can engage foes with a variety of equipable weapons while switching between them to access each weapon’s special attacks and abilities.

Each type of weapon has a different set of numbers that impact how it performs in the game as well as one of three roles (offense, defense, or support). Weapons also have elemental attack types (physical, volt, ice, and flame), shatter statistics that determine how successful they are against shields, and charge statistics that determine how quickly they charge up when being used. 

Now let us address why we’re actually composing this guide for you all, here it is:

In Tower of Fantasy, you can get the Dust Wheeler now, Why do you need this? It’s because without a solid car to travel in, you can’t get very far. There are numerous cars in Tower of Fantasy that may be found and unlocked. While some of these cars can be obtained by completing the major story quests, others call for more difficult challenges. 

Due to its challenging unlocking requirement, the Dust Wheeler is the hardest vehicle to obtain. So if you’re struggling with the same, do not worry, we at Frondtech have got your back, and we’ll make sure you obtain one in the easiest way possible. Here’s how:

Dust Wheeler - Tower of Fantasy

How to get Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

The majority of vehicles in Tower of Fantasy are acquired by locating all of their replacement pieces and putting them together to create a new mount. Other procedures are used for a few, with the Dust Wheeler having the most stringent requirements.

Many players are looking for the sleek ride known as the Dust Wheeler, and in order to get that, you need to take part in the Apex League.

In order to access the Apex League, you must reach level 31. The main player vs player experience available in Tower of Fantasy is Apex League. To obtain this car. You have to advance to Grand Marshal status. Unfortunately, the highest rank available in this competitive PVP mode is Grand Marshal.

Apex League Requirements in Tower of Fantasy

Apex league has mainly three requirements, more about them below:

  • Be the first player in a 1v1 PVP encounter on a dwindling battleground to accumulate 2 points.
  • Weapon resonance effects, Simulacrum traits, Matrix effects, and Phantasia are disabled during battle conditions. All players begin the game with a shield, healing effects are decreased by 50%, and the Jetboard is not permitted.
  • After reaching Level 31, Apex League is only accessible every day from 12:00 to 24:00.

This mode can be simple or severe depending on your arsenal of weapons and artifacts because of the Gacha system in Tower of Fantasy. As you advance through the ranks, you may come across individuals who may have spent a lot of money to obtain elite SSR upgrades and weapons.

When I first started playing this game, I remember struggling very badly with my SR loadout against any user who was using SSR. After spending some money and getting my self an SSR Simulacra, that is when I started getting some wins in the Apex League.

Climbing these positions is not impossible, but it is a laborious process that needs meticulous planning and patience. When the Apex League season is over and prizes are awarded, your Dust Wheeler will be rewarded to you if you can make it to Grand Marshal.

That’s pretty much everything regarding the Dust wheeler in the game tower of fantasy, for more such guides, make sure to follow Frondtech!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 22, 2022

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