How to get Doctor Who Easter Egg in Saints Row 2022

The Tardis Collectible is an Easter egg in Saints Row that pays tribute to Doctor Who. It resembles the Classic Doctor Who but in the form of a porta potty. This is one of those collectibles that offer style and humor at the same time. It is said to be one of the best crappiest collectibles in the game.

Saints Row 2022 is finally available for all the major platforms. This action game was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. If you enter this action-adventure world, you may feel the vibe of GTA V, a cut-down version of the course.

There are a lot of collectibles in the game, and these collectibles are the ones that can be used to decorate your headquarters. We have seen collectibles like Thor’s Hammer and Space Ship, and the one we are covering today is fantastic.

Saints Row features a wide range of Easter eggs, and this is one of them. But how do you get it? Well, this article will guide you on how to get Doctor Who Easter Egg in Saints Row 2022.

How to get Doctor Who Turdis Easter Egg in Saints Row

Getting the Doctor Who’s collectible is not very tough if you follow the steps correctly. But it’s good for players to have a rough idea of what it looks like; otherwise, you won’t be able to notice it. So you are looking for a blue portable potty, which is noticeable because of the green light in the front. It will be a walk in the park for a Doctor Who fan, but it might be confusing if you are looking for it for the first time.

old town west

First, you need to head over to Escobarista. The Ecobarista is a Coffee joint located in the Old Town West at Santo Ileso, near your headquarters. Once you have a cup of Coffee, you will have to head to a Friendly Fire location in Old Town East. Once you reach there, look across the street and see a building with bricks.

doctor who the turdis

You might not notice it at first, but Doctor Who fans will quickly detect and understand what it is. You need to go there and get to the back of the building, and you will see the Tardis as a Porta-potty cubicle. Furthermore, you will instantly notice it if you are in the right spot because of its different illusion-like appearance.

Now you need to take out your camera and click a picture of it, and you will have the Turdis unlocked to decorate your Headquarters. So this was all about how to get the Doctor Who Turdis Easter Egg in Saints Row 2022.

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Last Updated on September 4, 2022

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