How to get Crew Deck Key in Dead Space Remake

Crew Deck Key Dead Space Remake – While exploring the Ishimura USG, you can reveal many secrets while fighting the outer world creatures who board the ship. You will also be tasked with completing the various objectives for the survivors on that ship, and one of them is to get the Crew Deck Keycard, so you can override the lock on the Crew Deck. Although the solution is simple, you should know where to find the Deck Card.

So this article will guide you on how to get Crew Deck Keycard in Dead Space 2023 Remake.

How to get the Crew Deck Key or Card in Dead Space Remake

How to get Crew Deck Key in Dead Space Remake

You must reach the Chapter 10 End of Days mission to get the Crew Deck card. On this mission, you can get the Crew Deck Key.

While conversing with Kendra Daniels, you will find out that the crew deck supervisor will have the Override key; she was last located at the Gym. After the brief Conversation, you need to turn on your Navigation and get to the Common Area of the Crew Deck. As soon as you reach there, get to the far left side, and you will be able to find a door that goes to the Zero G Gym.

As soon as you enter the Gym, you must take a left and go straight through the passage. There is another door on the right, and as soon as you enter, it turns left and gets into the chamber.

The chamber automatically disables gravity once inside, so you will start floating. But you can easily move towards the power cube near the yellow circle. Remember that you can also complete the Z Baller Trophy in this area.

Since you have your Kinesis ability, use that to draw a power cube and then get out of the chamber and take the right turn to go to the cargo lift. Place the power cube on the board; after activating it, you can take the lift and go up.

As soon as you reach the top, on the left, you will find the corpse of the Supervisor. Get near her, and you can retrieve the crew deck card and complete the objective.

So this was all about how to get Crew Deck Card in Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake is a remastered version of the original Dead Space game that came out in 2008. It is a Horror Sci-Fi Action Adventure game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game has been improved with new game mechanics and tasty new graphics and has been on the charts since its release.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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